La Hasil Novel By Umera Ahmed

La Hasil Novel By Umerah Ahmed

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Introduction To La Hasil Novel:

Laa Hasil, written by Umerah Ahmed, is a social novel that highlights human pride, greed, and desires. La Hasil means “hollow pursuit“.Umera Ahmed has written the book beautifully and engaged the readers till the end.

About the Author Umerah Ahmed:

Umera Ahmed Is the writer of the story “La Hasil.”Umerah Ahmed is the most famous fiction Novel writer who has written many famous screenplays and won awards for her writing.

She started her career at a very young age and gained popularity not only among youngsters but elders also. Umerah Ahmed draws readers’ attention to social evils through her writing. She has many famous novels and books, but Peer E Kamil became her identity.

Umerah’s pen always casts a spell on readers, keeping them engaged with the characters till the end of the story.

Some of the famous novels of Umera are Peer E Kamil, Aab e Hayat, Alif, Amar Bail, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Daana Pani, and many more.

Summary and review of La Hasil Novel:

The novel La Hasil describes the stories of two couples where Katherine and Mazhar are the first couple, and Umm E Mariam and Zul-eeid are the second one.

Katherine is a UK national girl whose father was a Muslim. Katherine’s father left her mother, Ruth, which resulted in Ruth becoming depressed. Ruth always badmouths about her husband, which constantly affects Katherine. She never paid attention to Katherine. She became a call girl.

Mazhar is a Muslim boy who meets Katherine, and they develop an understanding of each other and fall in love.

Mazhar married Katherine and had a child with her. When he knew her past, he left her and came back to Pakistan. 

The other story is Umm E Mariam and Zul Eeid. Umm E Mariam is an artist she always draws something different which always attracts everyone. She belongs to a low-income family and she is not happy with her circumstances, Whereas Zul Eeid runs a textile business.

He met Mariam when he was searching for an artist and went to an art college.

Both of them developed feelings for each other, and after facing some difficult situations, they got married.

Umera Ahmed has amazingly connected both stories at the end and gave a fantastic lesson.

I will not spoil the suspense of the story. To know the ending, you must read La Hasil by Umera Ahmed.

View La Hasil Novel By Umerah Ahmed:

Read and reveal the secrets hidden in La Hasil Novel by Umerah Ahmed, share it with your family and friends, and save it for offline use.

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