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Introduction to Dana Pani:

Dana Pani Novel, written by Umera Ahmed, is a story about the reaction of people around us when they learn about the love of two people, and the story is about the difficulties two lovers face.

About the Author of Dana Pani Novel:

Umera Ahmed is the writer of Dana Pani novel. Umera Ahmed is the most famous Urdu novel writer who has written over a dozen books and provided amazing stories for the reader to read and fall in love with.

Although Umera had written many novels, Peer. e. Kamil is the novel that became her identity and took her to the heights of her career.

Umera has written many social, romantic, and fictional novels and screenplays, including Peer E Kamil, Aab E Hayat, Laa Hasil, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Alif, Amar Bail, and many more.

Dana Pani Novel Summary and Review:

Daana paani is a fiction-based novel about two lovers who fall in love, their difficulties, and society’s reaction.

The story of the novel revolves around a girl named Motiya and a boy named Murad. Motiya belongs to a low-income family and becomes a doctor, and Muraad belongs to a wealthy family; both of their families do not have good terms with each other. Motiya ever saw Muraad in her dreams but never saw him in real life. 

But once Motiya was going to her friend’s marriage by train, Murad saw Motiya at the railway station and fell in love with her. Later, he finds that Motiya lives in his village, and he meets her and proposes to marry him.

Murad’s family was strictly against their marriage, especially his mother, but Murad managed to convince them.

Murad’s mother wants him to marry her (Murad’s mother’s family), so she convinces Motiya’s friend to accompany her.

Batool(Motiya’s best friend) creates difficulties between them with the help of Murad’s mother; she makes a conspiracy and separates them.

Their separation was sorrowful. I think Umera delivered a message through Motiya’s story that “all the glitters may not be gold.”

Motiya considered Murad as gold, but he was not because if you love someone, you should trust them because it is not always the truth that we see or hear. We should give our loved ones a chance to explain themselves.

As I say, this is my opinion about the novel; you may have a different view. Lastly, I enjoyed reading  Daana Paani by Umera Ahmed, as I enjoyed her other novels.

To know the end of the story, you must read all the novel episodes.

Conclusion of Dana Pani Novel:

When someone falls in love, they should never allow anyone to be the third person in their relationship and create misunderstandings between them.

They should always trust each other more than anyone and, in case of any misunderstanding, always listen to each other and give others a chance to explain themselves.

View all episodes of Dana Pani:

View all episodes of Daana Paani and Enjoy another masterpiece of Umera Ahmed.

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