Ibtada E Ishq Novel

Ibtada E Ishq Novel By Laraib Arzoo

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Introduction to Novel Ibtada E Ishq:

“Ibtada E Ishq” a novel by Laraib Arzo is a poignant romantic tale that explores the complexities of love, societal norms, and discrimination. The novel delves into the lives of two protagonists from contrasting backgrounds, emphasizing the impact of our society’s double standards on individual personalities.

About the Author Laraib Arzoo:

Laraib Arzoo, the talented Urdu novelist, penned “Ibtada E Ishq.” Her writing career is still in its early stages, but she has already made a mark in the romantic genre. Apart from “Ibtada E Ishq,” Laraib has also authored other novels, including “Sanu Ishq Ny Kamla Kita.”

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Summary of “Ibtada E Ishq”:

The novel revolves around Hoorain Fatima and Aamil Rehan Shah. Hoorain, an innocent and beautiful girl, faces the challenges of her unconventional upbringing—her mother being a prostitute. Despite societal prejudices, Hoorain falls in love with Aamil, her classmate from an honorable family. They decide to marry, but fate takes a cruel turn when Aamil recognizes Hoorain’s mother during a visit to their home. His judgmental comment—“Like mother, like daughter”—shatters Hoorain’s heart.

Hoorain and her mother end up living in a whorehouse, while Aamil grapples with regret. When he encounters Hoorain there, working as a prostitute, he realizes his mistake. Aamil desperately seeks forgiveness, wanting to marry Hoorain, but she remains unforgiving. Eventually, circumstances lead to their marriage, but Hoorain imposes conditions for forgiveness.

Some other characters in the story are Asad, Areeb, Rimsha, and Ansha. Other than Hoorain and Aamil the novel describes the story of these four.

To know the whole story consider reading the novel “Ibtada E Ishq”.


I found the novel lacking in suspense and overall engagement. The story primarily revolves around Hoorain’s aggression, and Aamil struggles to tolerate it. While my perspective may differ, you might have a different experience when reading “Ibtada E Ishq.”

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