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Black Rose Novel By Samreen Shah

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Introduction to the Novel Black Rose:

“Black Rose” novel is a captivating romantic novel that delves into the extraordinary love story between a demon and a human. Set against a haunted house backdrop, the novel weaves together elements of romance, suspense, and the supernatural.

About The Author Samreen Shah:

Samreen Shah, the talented writer behind “Black Rose,” specializes in romantic fiction with a delightful twist. Her unique style has garnered her a devoted following among young readers who appreciate her engaging storytelling. Besides “Black Rose,” Shah has penned other notable novels, including “Aatish E Dilam,” “Ay Baghban E Ishq,” “Qarboont E Beram,” and “Black Mirror.”

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Summary Of Black Rose Novel:

“Black Rose” explores the transformative power of true love. Black Rose whose petals held secrets, and its thorns guarded promises.

The central characters are Zulnain (the male protagonist) and Huma (the female protagonist), a girl who has big dreams and is heartful of curiosity. Huma, living abroad with her neglectful father and caring grandmother, dreams of a mysterious man with blue eyes and blue jeans. When circumstances lead her back to Pakistan and her grandmother’s house, she encounters Zulnain, her neighbor in the infamous Zulfiqar Mansion—a haunted place,huma drawn toward it. She decided to explore it.

Zulnain, who is not an ordinary man, is a demon. A friendly demon seeking Huma’s love and affection becomes the story’s focal point. Huma and Zulnain became friends.  As Huma’s attraction to him grows, she defies her grandmother’s warnings about the haunted mansion. The novel unfolds with intrigue, exploring the connection between Huma’s dreams and Zulnain’s presence.

Will Huma’s love for Zulnain prevail? Why does he crave her affection? What secrets lie hidden within the haunted mansion?  Could Huma be the one to break his curse? To unravel these mysteries, delve into the pages of “Black Rose.”

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