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Udaan Novel By Qanita Khadija

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Introduction to Udaan Novel:

Udaan Novel by Qanita Khadija is a compelling story that brings to light a troubling aspect of our society that is adversely affecting our generation. Khadija poignantly addresses the issue of societal preference for sons over daughters, stemming from misguided beliefs and the need to satisfy egos. The novel also illustrates how favoring one child can sow seeds of animosity between siblings.

About the Author, Qanita Khadija:

Qanita Khadija is an Urdu novelist who is quickly gaining popularity among young readers for her distinctive writing style. She writes across various genres, including romance, suspense, and thrill, all while incorporating social issues. Her ability to captivate readers with her storytelling prowess, combined with elements of romance and excitement, has made her a beloved author. Her repertoire includes novels that span army-based themes, tales of rude heroes, romantic narratives, and suspenseful plots. Some of her well-known works are “Haiwan,” “Mann Musafir,” and “Her Wicked Revenge,” among other.

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Summary of “Udaan” Novel:

“Udaan” is the tale of two siblings, Falak Khan and her brother Dilawar Khan, who are raised under vastly different circumstances. Both are described as beautiful, intelligent, and headstrong. Their father, Akmal Sahab, marries Rukhsana Begum, a simple woman who is illiterate, due to family pressure. After Falak’s birth, Akmal leaves Rukhsana, desiring a son. He then marries his true love, Natasha Begum, who gives birth to Dilawar Khan. As the children grow, Akmal neglects Falak, focusing his attention on Dilawar. This favoritism leads to frequent quarrels with Rukhsana and instills a sense of distance in Falak from her father from an early age. The rivalry between Dilawar and Falak begins in their youth, fueled by their father’s comparisons.

The core of the story unfolds as both siblings join the Pakistan Army, driven by a desire to make their father proud. This marks the beginning of their journey filled with sacrifice, love, disputes, competition, and much more. Other significant characters in the novel include Haroon Shah, Shayan Malik, and Bi Maa, each playing a pivotal role in guiding Falak and Dilawar towards the right path.

For those intrigued by the lives of Falak and Dilawar, “Udaan” is a novel worth reading.

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