Meri Saans Saans Ka jawaz tum

Meri Saans Saans ka Jawaz Tum Novel By Ghaniya Hassan

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Introduction to the Novel:

Meri Saans Saans Ka Jawaz Tum novel by Ghaniya Hassan is a tale that centers around two individuals who are shunned by society and face discrimination at every turn. It’s a narrative about those who have lost faith in humanity. Ghaniya Hassan brings to light how sometimes the people around us can lead to our downfall.

About the Author, Ghaniya Hassan:

Ghaniya Hassan is the author of the novel “Meri Saans Saans Ka Jawaz Tum.” Although she has penned many novels, it was this particular work that captured the readers’ attention. She predominantly writes romantic novels and is becoming increasingly popular among young readers for her unique storytelling style.

Her other works include “Eid E Wafa,” “Mann Dua E Wafa,” “Tera Intezar Hasil Thehra,” and many more.

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Summary of “Meri Saans Saans Ka Jawaz Tum”:

The novel’s story revolves around Roha, the female protagonist, and Haatim Zoraiz Ali Khan, the male protagonist. Both endure animosity from their step-relations. Roha, the daughter of Reham, lives with her mother and stepfather, Shehzad, who is a gambler. Reham, who adores her daughter, works tirelessly to support Roha and fulfill her wishes.

After Reham’s death, Roha, now an adult, attends a Jamiya to honor her late mother’s wishes. Under the guidance of her teacher, Hiba Noor, Roha gains extensive religious knowledge and becomes devout.

Haatim Zoraiz Ali Khan is a successful businessman with traumatic childhood memories. His stepmother, Zartaaj Begum, despises him to the extent that she ruins his mental health with constant taunting. She ensures that no one befriends Haatim or gets close to him.

Zartaaj Begum’s behavior completely shatters Haatim’s personality, leading him to drinking, smoking, gambling, clubbing, and more. He loses faith in Allah and strays towards wrongdoing.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Shehzad, Roha’s stepfather, loses her in a gamble to Haatim. According to the game’s rules, Roha is handed over to Haatim, who harbors a deep-seated hatred for women.

What will Haatim’s behavior be towards Roha? Will he accept her? And how will Roha react when she learns of her situation?

To discover the full story of Haatim and Roha, consider reading the novel “Meri Saans Saans Ka Jawaz Tum.”

Read online Meri Saans Saans Ka Jawaz Tu Complete Novel:

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