Hasil E Ishq

Hasil E Ishq Novel By Hafsa Hoor

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Introduction to the Novel:

“Hasil E Ishq” novel is a romantic story that highlights themes of love, loneliness, and the relationships we lose due to our greed, among others. Hafsa Hoor primarily emphasizes how true love always exists in the heart and how sometimes we lose so much in the greed of this world that we let go of our loved ones without even realizing their importance.

About the Author, Hafsa Hoor Siddique:

Hafsa Hoor Siddique is an Urdu novelist. She has written “Hasil E Ishq” as her debut novel and has strived to capture the readers’ attention and deliver a message about the importance of valuing the people we love before it’s too late. She writes novels in the romantic genre with a touch of military life. Besides “Hasil E Ishq,” she has also penned the novel “Mere Eid Piya Sang.” She writes short novels that weave in elements of romance.

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Summary of ‘Hasil E Ishq’ Novel:

“Hasil E Ishq” mainly revolves around Wafa, the female protagonist, and Ali Shah, the male protagonist. Wafa comes from a well-off family and lives happily with her parents and a younger sister. She is a talkative girl who often speaks without thinking first. She has a kind heart and soul.

One day, she learns that her mother’s best friend has moved into their neighborhood with her family, which excites her greatly.

Ali Shah, a composed man who assists his father in their business, is the son of Wafa’s mother’s friend. He is not only handsome but also has a remarkable personality and is older than Wafa. Ali Shah’s father, however, never pays attention to his family, focusing solely on his money and business.

Ali Shah meets Wafa when he comes to pick up his mother from Wafa’s house, and he takes a liking to Wafa at first sight. The story takes an intriguing turn when Wafa’s father hosts a party in her honor at his farmhouse. Ali Shah, who is on good terms with Wafa’s family, decides to propose to her at that party, but a terrible event occurs, resulting in Ali Shah’s death.

Ali Shah’s death has a profound impact on everyone’s life. But the interesting thing is, the story doesn’t end here. To discover the entire tale of Wafa and Ali Shah, consider reading the novel “Hasil E Ishq” by Hafsa Hoor.

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