Peer.e.Kamil(The Perfect Mentor) Novel By Umera Ahmed:

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Peer.e.Kamil Introduction:

Peer.e.Kamil (The Perfect Mentor) is a masterwork by Umera Ahmed that contains the social romantic story of two different souls who met in a difficult situation and fell in love.

The novel was first published in 2004 and then translated into other languages due to its popularity.

Author Of Peer.e.Kamil:

Umera Ahmed is a famous novelist who has written many unique masterpieces in her writing career. She gained popularity through Peer.e.Kamil and never stopped.

Umera writes the novel in such a way that the reader never gets bored or loses interest; she always captivates her reader’s attention.

She has written many famous Urdu dramas for the television industry.

Her famous novels include Mushaf, Amar Bail, Daana Paani, Mann. o.Salwa, Shehr. e.Zaat and Daana Paani.

Peer.e.Kamil Summary and Reviews:

Peer. e.Kamil is the socio-romantic story of two characters, Imama Hashim and Salar Sikandar. Imama is a girl who belongs to a Qadiyani family, and Salar is a boy with an extraordinary IQ level who has many questions about life.

Imama was influenced by Islam so she started getting information about Islam and finally accepted Islam. When Imama’s family got to know her father beat her to death. Finally, she left the house for Allah.

Whereas Salar is a boy who tried 5 times to take his life to feel death pain, But luckily he failed every time. Until one day when a terrible incident happened and changed Salar’s life.

After the great change in Imama and Salar’s life, both of them faced many difficulties.

Some other main characters are Sabhiha, Faizan, Saad, and Dr.Sabt Ali. To know more about how they met each other and how they fell in love you must read this amazing novel.

Conclusion Of Peer.e.Kamil:

Whenever you try to find the right path Allah blesses you. If we sacrifice our favorite things and person for Allah then Allah will replace them with much better things and people.

 We may see religious people around us but they follow religion is not necessary. We should always pray to stay away from these types of people. Indeed Allah is the best planner, he knows very well what is best for us.

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