Alif By Umera Ahmed

Alif Novel by Umera Ahmed

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Introduction To Alif:

The Alif novel, written by Umera Ahmed, is about the relationship of humans with Allah(The Creator). Alif points toward “Allah” and describes the journey of lead characters from Ishq E Majazi to Ishq E Haqeeqi.

Umera Ahmed Alif Author:

Umera Ahmed, a well-known Urdu Novel writer, is the writer of Alif. She gained popularity through her Novel Peer E Kamil (The Perfect Mentor). Umera has written many screenplays or dramas and won awards. Her work includes always pointing out the social issues in our society. Umera always cast a spell on her readers through her perfect writing style. Umera Ahmed’s famous novels include Peer E Kamil, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Amar Bail, Hum Kahan k Sachy Thy, Aab E Hayat, and many more.

Alif Novel Summary and Review:

Alif is a novel that mainly highlights Ishaq E Haqeeqi. The book revolves around many characters and their stories related to each other. The main characters of Alif are Qalb E Momin, Momina, Sultan, Husan E Jahan, and Abdul Ala.

Qalb E Momin(the male protagonist) is a director and a liberal Muslim who does everything wrong without minding it. He is the son of an actress Husan E Jahan and a Darwaish (a pious man), Tuaha Abdul Ala. During Momin’s childhood Tuaha died, and Husan Jahan fell in Ishq E Haqeeqi.

Qalb E Momin’s grandfather is a Calligrapher who loves Momin and always advises him to leave work and follow his religion. But Momin never understands.

His childhood memories always haunt Momin.

Momina(female protagonist ) is an actress and a calligrapher. Momina does not like acting, but she belongs to a low-income family where she has to support her family, which includes her mother, brother, and father. She is engaged, but her fiance leaves her because of Momina’s work as an actress.

Momina and Momin met at a commercial audition which was not a pleasant audition, and Momin rejected Momina. Later on, Momina got selected for other auditions and became famous. 

You cannot decide if the main story revolves around Momina and Momin or Tuaha and Husn E Jahan.

All the characters in the story have equal importance. To know the story’s ending and the ending of Momina and Momin, read this novel and appreciate another masterpiece of Umera.

Conclusion of Alif Novel:

The main conclusion we draw from the story is when we realize our mistakes, we should apologize and try to correct ourselves right away before it’s too late.

We should never ignore our family and give time to our family; although money is necessary, humans are more important than money.

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