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Tawaf E Ishq Novel By Sumaira Hameed PDF

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Tawaf.e.Ishq Introduction:

“Tawaf-e-Ishq” is an inspirational story of the love of three women for Allah. Their love and faith in Allah remain unshaken, even in the face of the most difficult situations.

The novel beautifully describes “ishq-e-haqeeqi,” which is the true love for Allah. When you fall in love with Allah and find Him, you need nothing else.

Author of Tawaf.e.Ishq:

Sumaira Hameed is the writer of the novel Tawaf.e.Ishq.Sumaira gained popularity through her different writing style and is now a well-known Urdu writer.

Sumaira became popular quickly due to her different points of view in writing. She had written romantic, social, and Islamic novels. She highlighted many social issues in her stories. Her famous novels include Mohabbat-Mann-Mehram, Yaaram, and Raah-e-Noor.

Tawaf.e.Ishq Summary and Review:

Tawaf-e-Ishq is a short story about three girls( Azeeza, Amina, and Jannat), their change, faith, patience, and love for Allah. 

Azeeza, Amina, and Jannat are the girls who were Prostitutes in the past and became true Muslims on Dawah of a Darwaish and left everything for Allah. Now three of them live with him.

When the time of Hajj came, all of them talked to Darwaish to send them on Hajj so they could see the Kaaba(The House of Allah). 

All of them were so passionate about going to Hajj. Darwaish went to his friend Ameer. Ul. Hajj asks him to take them with him, but he refuses after knowing they are prostitutes.

After some time, Ibn.e.Mussa(Ameer.ul.Hajj) agreed to take them with him.

The writer described how the three traveled, their feelings, emotions, and tears of happiness.

The real story begins when a horrible incident occurs during their journey.

Will they be able to perform Hajj?? What if someone knows about their past??

Or would they be forgiven for hiding the truth???

To know the answers to all questions, read Tawaf. e. Ishq’s complete novel.

Conclusion From Tawaf-E-Ishq:

Tawaf.e.Ishq tells us that we should try to forget others’ mistakes and shortcomings like Allah does ours. We should never tease someone after his repentance.

We should try to love those who are facing hatred of everyone. We should wipe others’ tears for the Sake of Allah.

We should try to love everyone and hate someone for Allah, not for our grudges.

The way who loves Allah will find him; we should try not to create hurdles for him.

May Allah once bless us all with Hajj.

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