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Raah-e-Noor Novel by Sumaira Hameed

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Rahee Noor Novel Cover

Raah e Noor Novel by Author Sumaira Hameed:

Introduction of Raah e Noor Novel:

Raah.e.Noor is an inspirational and motivational story written by famous Urdu writer Sumaira Hameed, whose pen always spreads magic. Raah.e.Noor means “Path To Light”.

The novel describes that if you are suffering in your life, it doesn’t mean you are not lucky or don’t have the right to be happy. We should be satisfied with what we have instead of being sad that we don’t have it.

Author Raah e Noor Novel Sumaira Hameed:

Sumaira has written many favorite Urdu novels and highlighted many social issues in her books. The story gives us hope and strength to overcome life’s difficulties.

Sumaira wrote many famous novels and got the reader’s attention. Her popular books include Mohabbat-Mann-Mehram, Yaaram, sooda, and many more.

Raah.e.Noor Novel Summary and Review:

Raah.e.Noor means Path to Light. As the name is Raah.e.Noor, the writer describes the story of three men who find their way to light through some events. 

Raah.e.Noor starts with three men, Ibrahim, Talal, and Haadi, who are in a mental hospital. They all faced a miserable life and ended up in a mental hospital.

Ibrahim, Talal, and Haadi tried to suicide many times in the hospital but luckily failed every time due to hospital staff.

Then they decide to commit a group suicide. Ibrahim told his plan to Haadi, and he agreed with Talal. They decided to go far away where no one could save them.

After that, they escaped from the hospital and went to a mine. After reaching there, they face events that affect their lives.

Sumaira describes every event as a moment when you realize how blessed you are. Thank Allah for your blessings whenever you face difficulties, and never be hopeless.

To know the end of the story and how they find the light, you must read this short novel.


The novel delivers the message that human life is essential in the world. We should never waste our energy on worldly things and be thankful to Allah.

We should be patient and hopeful in every situation. We should spread happiness and light around us.

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