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Tu Hi Meri Dewangi Novel By Pari Gul Chaudhry

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Introduction to the Novel: 

Tu Hi Meri Dewangi novel by Pari Gul is a captivating story that primarily revolves around the theme of forced marriage. Within its pages, Pari Gul skillfully explores various aspects of human relationships, including sibling bonds, love, trust, selfishness, and the complexities inherent in any relationship.

About the Author Pari Gul:

Pari Gul Chaudhry, the talented writer behind “Tu Hi Meri Dewangi,” has penned novels across different genres. Her works include stories of forced marriages, age differences, and haveli-based narratives. Pari’s unique writing style keeps readers engaged and entertained throughout her novels. She initially gained popularity through her presence on social media platforms, where her storytelling prowess captured the hearts of many.

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Summary and Review of “Tu Hi Meri Dewangi”

“Tu Hi Mere Dewangi” is a romantic novel that revolves around two main characters:

  1. Azan Zohaib Hamdani (Male Protagonist):
    • Azan lives in London and is known for his arrogance. He avoids unnecessary interactions and has an unusual allergy to girls. Despite this, he deeply loves his family in Pakistan.
  2. Aleezay Irtaza (Female Protagonist): Aleezay is an innocent girl whose mother died during childbirth. Her father wrongly blames her for her mother’s death, leading to a strained relationship. She finds solace in her three loving brothers: Zohaan, Daniyal, and Ghazi.

The story takes an intriguing turn when Alizay’s father arranges her marriage to Sahil, the son of his business partner. Sahil, however, is addicted to vices like alcohol and drugs. Just when things seem settled, Azan, Alizay’s cousin from London, secretly marries her.

The novel explores questions: Will Azan accept Alizay as his wife? What does Alizay’s father truly want from her marriage with Sahil? Other characters like Hira, Abaan, Mishaal, and Alia Begum add depth to the plot.

In my opinion, the novel is worth reading, especially for Alizay’s endearing brothers. However, I strongly dislike Alizay’s selfish and mean-spirited father, Irtaza Sahab. His actions don’t befit a true father.

But its my personal opinion about the novel you may have a different view. 

To know the whole story consider reading “Tu Hi Meri Dewangi” Novel.

Read Online Tu Hi Meri Dewangi complete Novel:

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