Junooniyat Novel By Areej Shah

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Introduction to the Novel:

Junooniyat novel by Areej Shah, is a captivating story that explores several themes, including forced marriage, revenge, misunderstandings in relationships, and the common practice of Vani.

About the Author Areej Shah:

 Areej Shah, the talented Urdu novel writer behind Junooniyat, delves into various themes such as romance, love, and forced marriages. Her writing has the power to captivate readers’ hearts and minds, keeping them engaged throughout her narratives. She boasts a substantial fan following on her Facebook page and has gained popularity among young readers. Some of her other famous novels include Heartless, Dewangi, Rooh e Yaram, and Mera Sitamgar.

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Summary and Review of “Junooniyat” Novel:

Junooniyat, penned by the talented writer Areej Shah, weaves a captivating tale that revolves around two feuding families: the Shah Family and the Kazmi Family. Their enmity spans five decades, and the echoes of past grievances continue to shape their destinies.

Although the novel introduces several characters, let’s delve into the lives of some key protagonists.

Amaya:  a young woman, becomes entangled in the practice of Vani. She endures numerous trials and tribulations at the hands of her in-laws, unjustly accused of deeds she never committed.

Zaryam: Amaya’s husband, Zaryam, marries her under family pressure. He remains indifferent to the longstanding animosity between the two tribes, treating everyone with equal respect.

Khadash Kazmi: The sole heir of the Kazmi family, Khadash considers himself capable of anything. His maturity and sense of responsibility influence the entire family, including his grandfather.

Desham Kazmi: a bold and confident young woman, dreams of becoming a lawyer. Her determination knows no bounds, and she harbors a deep-seated resentment toward Khadash.

Haram: Haram, Khadash’s younger sister, adores her brother. Shy and brilliant, she lacks confidence but excels academically.

Yasham Ahmer: Yasham, Haram’s teacher, remains shrouded in mystery. His parentage remains unknown.

The novel introduces other characters like Shaizam, Deedum, and Meesha, each contributing to the intricate tapestry of emotions and relationships.


The novel’s plot is both interesting and engaging, infused with suspense that keeps readers hooked. Areej Shah masterfully describes each character, allowing readers to connect with their joys, sorrows, and aspirations. The overall narrative unfolds beautifully, making Junooniyat a compelling read.

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