Ishqbaaz Novel By Monisa Hassan

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Introduction to the Novel:

Ishqbaaz Novel is a romantic story that revolves around a girl who experiences betrayal from her close relatives, leaving her feeling lonely in a world full of people. The novel delves into themes of love, betrayal, and friendship.

About the Author Monisa Hassan:

Monisa Hassan is a social media writer who penned “Ishqbaaz” as her debut novel. She kickstarted her writing career through her Facebook page. In this novel, she explores the theme of army officers and aims to highlight the significance of those who serve in the military, even at the risk of their own lives.

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Summary of Ishqbaaz Novel:

The novel “Ishqbaaz” primarily focuses on the sacrifices made by our army officers to safeguard our nation. The story revolves around two central characters: Ramish (the male protagonist) and Ayat (the female protagonist).

Ramish: is a dedicated army officer who is always prepared to lay down his life for the country. He embodies responsibility, vitality, and the ability to bring smiles to others’ faces.

Ayat: an orphan, lives with her deceased mother and bears the responsibility of caring for her. She is a talented artist but aspires to graduate in business to fulfill her late father’s dream.

Ayat falls in love with her cousin Zain, despite her father’s disapproval and advice to stay away from him. However, Zain deceives Ayat after her father’s death, fraudulently acquiring all of his property. Ayat is shattered and loses faith in people, especially because of her emotional attachment to Zain.

Ayat’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Ramish during a rainy night.

The novel features additional characters such as Fatima, Sara, Faria, Noor, Haadi, and Ali.

Review of Ishqbaaz Novel:

In my opinion, the novel lacks intrigue and suspense. The storyline is straightforward and didn’t fully engage me until the end. However, remember that this assessment is subjective, and you might have a different perspective when you read “Ishqbaaz.”

Read Online Ishqbaaz complete novel:

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