Gharoor Novel by Tania Tahir

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Introduction Of Novel:

Gharoor Novel by Tania Tahir is a story that delves into the lives of those who unwittingly destroyed themselves due to their pride. Whether it was their status, color, caste, or any other aspect, their arrogance led them down a destructive path. The narrative highlights how our own pride can shatter someone else’s self-respect, causing them to lose touch with their true selves.

About the Author, Tania Tahir:

Tania Tahir, an Urdu novelist, is the creative mind behind GharooR. Her writing style is engaging and intriguing, skillfully weaving suspense elements into her novels. Tania has explored various themes in her works, including rude heroes, revenge, and age differences. Through her storytelling, she vividly portrays the complexities of human emotions—love, pride, and more.

Apart from Gharoor, Tania has authored other notable novels such as Qaid-e-Yaram, Yeh Ishq Ki Talash Hai, and Bheega December.

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Summary and Review of the Novel Gharoor:

Gharoor primarily revolves around the inhabitants of the “Khan Mansion,” where women’s lives are tightly controlled by the men. These men wield the power to decide every aspect of a woman’s existence, and she must accept their decisions unquestioningly. Going against their wishes is not an option.

The central characters in this gripping tale include:

Haider Khan: A man who falls in love with Hoor, a girl from outside his family.

Daa Ji (The Grandfather): He disapproves of Haider’s relationship with Hoor and forcibly arranges his marriage to Armaish, Haider’s cousin.

Armaish: A timid and shy girl, much younger than Haider. After their marriage, Haider subjects her to daily torment as revenge against his grandfather. Armaish lacks the courage to stand up for herself, and no one in the family dares to challenge Haider.

Behram Khan: The most influential member of the Khan family. He does as he pleases, heedless of anyone’s opinion except Daa Ji’s. His character is questionable.

Aabir: A confident and bold girl who works as a news reporter. She is passionate about exposing politicians who pay lip service to women’s rights but take no real action. Aabir is engaged to her cousin Maaz.

Other significant characters include Nain, Anushy, Ahmer, Bi Jaan, and many more. To fully grasp the intricacies of this story, I recommend reading the novel Gharoor.


Overall, Gharoor is a compelling read. Tania skillfully sheds light on societal aspects that profoundly affect us. I empathize with Armaish, understanding that her upbringing left her voiceless. The novel’s ending left a strong impression, although I couldn’t help feeling sorrow for Behram.

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