Wohi Raasta wohi Manzil

Wohi Raasta Wohi Manzil Novel By Mariam Aziz

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Introduction to Novel Wohi Raasta Wohi Manzil:

Wohi Raasta Wohi Manzil, a novel by Mariam Aziz, highlights the importance of destiny. It highlights that fate is best for you when someone is written because it is your creator’s decision.

About the Author Mariam Aziz:

Mariam Aziz is an Urdu Novel Writer who has written many novels and has been published in digest form. She has gained a fan following through her work in Urdu Adab. She has a different perspective on writing. Mariam has written several famous books, including Dastras Main Sitary, Saltanat E Dil, Huey Jab Hum Rubaru, Ay Dil E Bekhabar, Wo Ek Shakhs Tamana Sa and many more.

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Summary and Review of Novel Wohi Raasta Wohi Manzil:

The novel “Wahi Raasty Wahi Manzil” revolves around two friends, Nadia and Hiba(female protagonist). Both of them are childhood friends and neighbours also. The story describes their thoughts about life and life partners. Their views are different, and they have different perspectives about life.

Hiba thinks that she should marry a handsome man who can give her a luxurious life. Nadia, who will marry the man her father chose for her, urges her to raise her voice against her family.

Hiba doesn’t have a mother; her father raised her and fulfilled her desires. Hiba likes her cousin and wants to marry him.She talked to her father, and they got engaged.

Durab(male protagonist) is a friendly taxi driver with good character. He liked Hiba when he saw her at first.

Now, the story takes an exciting turn when Hina’s father get diagnose with cancer. Durab helps them a lot. Due to some situations, Hiba’s father marries her to Durab, who runs a taxi. Hiba marries Durab for her father’s sake but she got disappoint in her husband that he couldn’t give her the luxuries she wanted.

She never talks to him nicely and ignores him, whereas he cares for her and her father. Would she fall in love with her husband? Would she be able to trust her father’s choice? What would be the ending of her marriage?

If you want to know the story’s suspense, what would happen with Hiba, and to see the ending, you must consider reading “Wohi Raasty Wohi Manzil”.

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