Mera Bakht Ho Tum

Mera Bakht Ho Tum Novel By Faiza Ahmed

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Introduction To Novel:

Mera Bakht Ho Tum Novel By Faiza Ahmed, Is a romantic novel with Suspense, Fun, and Conspiracy elements. Faiza has written a masterpiece full of fun.

About the Author Faiza Ahmed:

Faiza Ahmed has written the novel “ Mera Bakht Ho Tum.”She is a famous Urdu Novel writer who has written many books with romance themes and works on novels that include army soldiers.

She is famous for her unique style of writing. Faiza has fantastic capabilities of creating a beautiful story that keeps readers engaged till the end. She has written many books, including Ishq Sirf Tum, Pemana E Ishq, Wo Mera Muhafiz, Dil Hai K Maanta Nhe, and many more.

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Summary and Review Of Mera Bakht Ho Tum Novel:

The story of the Novel “Mera Bakht Ho Tum” revolves around Azlan Bakht Lashari(Male Protagonist), whose nickname is Bakht, and Zarghoon Azam (female protagonist), who is a cousin of Azlaan Bakht.

Azlan is a man who is a famous politician, and he was married twice, but his marriages failed. He has an eight-year-old daughter, Hina. After his failed marriage, he got serious, lonely, and depressed. He doesn’t talk to anyone or take an interest in women.

Zarghoon is a woman who came from Australia after completing her studies and becoming a Doctor. She is a girl who is the opposite of  Azlan Bakht. She speaks a lot. Zarghoon can never be serious in any situation. She doesn’t think before speaking.

Zarghoon and Azlan got married due to family pressure and started living together. Their marriage ceremony was the funniest scene, and how they agreed to marry was another hilarious story.

Zarghoon developed a strong bond with Azlan’s daughter, Hina. She is the one with the love of a mother. Agha Ji, Hanan, Zargull, Khayam, and Fatima are the other main characters in the story. Aliyan played a negative role in the story.

The story was terrific, especially the relationship between Zarghoon and Azlaan. Their arguments were excellent.

If you’re searching for something interesting and exciting, you must consider reading the novel “Mera Bakht Ho Tum Novel by Faiza Ahmed.”

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