Tere Mere Darmiyan

Tere Mere Darmiyan Novel By Ana Ilyas

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Introduction to the novel:

Tere Mere Darmiyan Novel by Ana Ilyas is a romantic, IsI hero-based story. The story reveals the sacrifice soldiers make to secure their own country.

Ana Ilyas has written the story nicely and excitingly and also given the story a romantic touch.

About the Author Ana Ilyas:

Ana Ilyas is the author of Urdu Novels. She has written many famous romance novels and gained popularity among readers. She has good writing skills and has written several novels in different genres, including romance, fantasy and army base novels.

Her famous novels include Tujh Sang Zindage, Ussy Panay Ki Chah, Jaanay Na Tu, Jalty Khwab, Ishq Main Haari and many more.

Summary and Review Of Tere Mere Darmiyan Novel:

The story of the Novel “Tere Mere Darmiyan” revolves around Zaamin(male protagonist), Haala (female protagonist), Asfand, and Samiya (friends of Zaamin). Zaamin is an Army officer and a secret agent who works on secret missions. He is allergic to women and is a mature, self-centred man.

Haala is a girl who is an orphan and works as a reporter and exposes corrupt politicians. She is a bold girl who never steps back from telling the truth.

Asfand is a jolly character in the novel who is engaged with Samiya (who is like a Tomboy).

The story starts when Haala takes refuge in Zaamin’s car and silently goes to his house. In the morning, Zaamin got to know that a girl had taken refuge in his car, and he got angry with her. Haala tells them everything about her and asks for his help.

The story takes an exciting turn when they marry due to some situation, and Zaamin is against his marriage.

Overall, the novel was short and well written, and the written explained every character very well and kept the reader’s interest until the end. The writer has given a romantic touch to the novel in a decent way.

Being in the family of a soldier makes you feel proud, and it can also make you sad and mentally ready for any news from your loved ones. If you are searching for a short, romantic story with an exciting storyline, you must consider reading “Tere Mere Darmiyan Novel By Ana Ilyas”.

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