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Teri Ulfat Main Sanam Novel By Meem Ain

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Introduction to Novel:

Teri Ulfat Main Sanam Novel By Meem Ain is a simple, short, and romantic story. The central theme of the novel is Love, misunderstandings, friendship, and fears.

The writer has straightforwardly written the novel.

About the Author Meem Ain:

Meem Ain, the writer of the novel “Teri Ulfat Mein Sanam,” is a new writer who has written stories on different topics, including thriller, suspense, romance, forced marriage, and many more.

Meem Ain is a writer who is famous for her unique writing style among young girls.

Her famous novels include Love tery Naal ho Gaya, Mohy piya bedardi, Aitbar, Ishq Nachaya Yaar Hararat E Wasal, and many more.

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Summary and Review Of Novel Teri Ulfat Main Sanam:

Teri Ulfat Main Sanam is a romantic novel based on two friends, Mustaqeem and Fateh. Mustaqeem is a boy who is a businessman, and after his parent’s death, her grandmother raised him. He works with his friend Fateh, who is the son of a famous businessman.

Fateh isn’t on good terms with his father because of his stepmother. Fateh also works in a college as a physics teacher.

Harem is an orphan girl who hasn’t completed her graduation, and her mother is suffering from a crucial illness. Harem is searching for a job, but because of her low qualifications, she cannot find one; then she meets Mustaqeem, who gives her a job in his office.

Mustaqeem fell in Love with the harem and appointed her as his assistant.

The other story is about Dua and Fateh. Dua is a girl who gets admission to a college where Fateh works as a teacher. She is the only child of her family, and she doesn’t have any close relatives. She only saw her parents as her whole universe. Her parents fulfilled all of her desires. Fateh saw Dua in his physics class and fell in Love with her eyes.

Will Fateh and Mustaqeem be able to get the Love of their lives? Will they be able to tell their girls about their feelings? 

To know the whole love story of Fateh and Mustaqeem, consider reading “Tere Ulfat Main Sanam.”

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