Aaina Zaar Novel By Laiba Sayed

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Introduction to Novel Aaina Zaar:

Aaina Zaar Novel by Laiba Sayed, is a story based on betrayal, loneliness, love, affection, friendship, and much more. Aaina Zaar means “mirror of tears”.

About the Author Laiba Sayed: 

Laiba Sayed is the writer of Aaina Zaar Novel. She has written many famous novels in different genres, including after marriage, murder-based, suspenseful, reality, full of drama, and love-based stories.

At first, she was a social writer, but now she is working with some websites. She is gaining popularity as a writer among young readers. Her pen casts a spell on readers and engages them until the end. She has a talent for describing characters in the story clearly.

Her famous novels include Shaadi Ya barbaadi, Ibn E Adam or Bint E Hawa, Zanjeer E Azadi, and many more.

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Summary And Review Of Aaina Zaar Novel:

The Novel Aaina Zaar by Laiba Sayed is based on many characters such as Azhaad Shah( a businessman), Azlan Shah (Azhaad’s younger brother), a university student, Sameer ( a police officer), Mashal( a university student) and daughter of Akbar Hamdani, an employee of Azhaad Shah, Anaya Malik (a famous lawyer).

Azhaad is a rude and arrogant man with a vast business and doesn’t like girls. He met with Anaya Malik for a business matter. Their first encounter was not pleasing for both of them. Anaya is a bold girl and doesn’t like to talk too much. Anaya helps Azhaad solve his problem, and then Azhaad gets nice to her. Sameer is a police officer who works on multiple cases and met Anaya Malik in a murder case and likes her for her bravery, integrity, and intelligence.

Mashal is a girl who is the only child of her father. After her mother’s death, her father loved her as mother and father. Mashal has no relatives and is a junior of Azlan (Azhaad’s brother) at university. Azhaad had a misunderstanding about Akbar Hamdani and fired him after many incidents happened, and Azlan got trapped in Akbar Hamdani’s murder.

Azhaad appointed Anaya as Azlan’s lawyer, and they both worked as a team to save Azlan.

The other main characters of the novel are Duraab (Azhaad’s best friend), Javeed Shah(Azhaad’s uncle), and Sabiha (Anaya’s assistant).

I enjoyed reading the novel because the writer has written it beautifully, and I’m not too fond of the negative characters of the stories because they deceive the people who trust them unquestioningly and never doubt their intentions. I realized people have so many masks on their faces that they blindly deceive those who trust them.

If you want to know the whole story of Aaina Zaar, you must read the novel “Aaina Zaar by Laiba Sayed “and share it with your family and friends.

Read Online Aaina Zaar Novel:

Read online Aaiza Zaar novel by Laiba Sayed share it with family and friends.


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