Image of Yaaran Naal Baharan Novel By Bushra Zahid

Yaaran Naal Baharan Novel By Bushra Zahid

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Image of Yaaran Naal Baharan Novel By Bushra Zahid
Yaaran Naal Baharan Novel By Bushra Zahid

Introduction to Novel:

Yaaran Naal Baharan Novel by Bushra Zahid is based on friendship,love,fun and bonding.The writer has described how friendship makes your life easier and exciting because life is beautiful with friends.

The writer has written the novel beautifully, and she describes every single character excellently.

About the Author Bushra Zahid:

Bushra Zahid is the writer of the “Yaaran Naal Baharan,” which is her first novel, and the novel is based on friendship. She has written an exciting story about university students with many characters.

She has described every character differently. If you read the novel, you’ll recall all the good memories you have shared with your friends.

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Summary and Review of Yaaran Naal Baharan Novel:

The novel “Yaaran Naal Baharan” is based on four friends, Ahad, Azlan, Moeez, and Taqi, senior university students. All of them are best friends and can’t live without each other. They have their gang, which is called “The Azlan and Gang.”

Ahad is a hardworking and intelligent man, Azlan is crazy for cricket matches, Moeez can’t speak Urdu clearly, and Taqi is the one who is always hungry. Moeez is amazing because he can force you to laugh even when reading the novel alone.

When Azlan and the gang met with their juniors Wafa, Beenish, Momal, and Zeenia, they became friends and changed their gang’s name to “The Aflatoons.” This name suited their group very well. Their meetup is another story you can read about in the novel.

The story was interesting, funny, and engaging, especially how Taqi called Wafa “patakha,” she called Taqi “Glucose ki Bottle.” Zeena is the girl who always cries and hesitates when she talks to others. Wafa, Momal (fiance of Ahad), and Beenish(sister of Ahad) are bold girls.

In the university canteen, all of them gathered after their classes and pastime. They don’t need others when they are together. Their whole world has been completed.

The most fun thing was when Momal, Ahad, and Beenish took the university bus and reached their destination. The boys always get late to their classes, and when their sir says, “Get Out,” they say, “Hum and kab away.”

The novel has so many incidents that can make you laugh and recall your memories with your friends.

Life is beautiful only with friends. If you have true friends, you’re blessed by God because friends can solve your problems and make you laugh even when you are sad.

If you want to read a fun novel, consider reading the “Yaaran Naal Baharan” novel by Bushra Zahid.

Read Online Yaaran Naal Baharan Novel:

Read Yaaran Naal Baharan complete novel and share it with family and friends.

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