Mushk Baam Novel by Sumaira Hameed PDF [Episode-1 – Episode-6]

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Mushak Baam Novel by Sumaira Hameed

Introduction Of Mushak Baam:

Mushk Baam is a captivating and funny story that has captured the hearts of many readers.  Mushk Baam is a story of love, mischief, and adventure.  Mushk means “fragrance,” and Baam means “special.”

So Mushk Baam means “a special fragrance”.

About the Author Of Mushak Baam:

Sumaira Hameed is a famous novel writer who has written many extraordinary books. Sumiara started writing at an early age and published her first novel “Yaaram” which was a huge success.

Sumaira always highlights social issues and gets the reader’s attention.

Mushk Baam novel is still being published in Digest and getting appreciation from readers.

Sumaira’s most famous novels include Yaaram, Mohabbat-Man-Mehram, and Raah-e-Noor.

Mushak Baam Summary And Reviews:

The novel is set in Lahore, a city known for its welcoming nature where people from different castes, religions, and cultures live together.

Lahore has always been a city that never lets anyone leave once they come to it.
The writer described Lahore when people were connected through Letters and travelled by horses and elephants.

The novel revolves around two main characters, Chiragh and Shams. Chiragh belongs to a Nobel family from Lahore. She is the most beloved sister of her brother Behram; no one is allowed to say anything to Chiragh.

Chiragh is a beautiful and spoiled girl who belongs to a noble family in Lahore. She is arrogant and loves to make fun of everyone.

She never cares about anyone. Sometimes, she is so innocent and jolly, but sometimes, she is so cruel . Sometimes, I think Chiragh has done too much with others. Shams is the son of Imam.e.Masjid, and came from a village.
He is courageous and came to Lahore to live with his father. After some time, the whole of Lahore was familiar with shams due to Chiragh. Chiragh considers everyone inferior to her, and she does not like her fiance and never sends him letters.

Although the novel is exciting and funny, you can sometimes think Chiragh should behave decently. Will Chiragh change herself when she falls in love with someone? Will Chiragh be a decent girl?? To know the whole story of Chiragh and Shams, you must read all episodes of Mushk Baam.

Conclusion From Mushak Baam:

We should not hurt anyone even in jest one is superior to others based on status. We should love and respect everyone around us. We should live our lives as we want but should be careful not to hurt others.

Our life is not just ours; the people close to us have the right to it. 

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