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My Kharoos Mr Novel By Mirha Khan

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Introduction to My Kharoos Mr Novel:

My Kharoos Mr Novel by Mirha Khan is the second season of her famous novel “Lambiyan ny Rahan Ishq Diyan. “Romantic fiction with many of personalities and love stories can be found in the book My Kharoos Mr. The novel represents the bonding between two families and siblings. The novel is quite funny.

About the author Mirha Khan:

Mirha Khan, the author of “My Kharoos Mr, “is a new writer who has written some romantic novels and is popular among younger readers. She has a different style of writing and explaining characters.

She has written several romantic novels, which include Kithy Phass Gae Heer,

Lambiyan ny Rahan Ishq Diyan, Ek Paigham E Mohabbat.

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Summary and Review of My Kharoos Mr Novel:

“My Kharoos Mr “is a romantic novel that includes the love stories of three brothers (Siyan, Arshman, and Badran) born on the same day and simultaneously having the same face.

Siyan is a police officer who is very honest and brave and even argues with his seniors for justice. Aarshman (nicknamed Aarsh)is an actor and model who is allergic to girls and works with girls. He is famous for young girls.

Badran(nicknamed Badar) is a businessman. He is strict and has a high temperament. Anyone thinks before he speaks to Badar.

Anyone can get confused when they see them together, and they are handsome.

The girls in the novels are Aarshiya, Aera, Ramal and Zaneesha. Arshiya is a bold girl. It must be correct to say she is overconfident and works with Badar in his office as his PA. Both of them hate each other and always have conflicts; they never talk to each other nicely.

Aaera is the girl who is so innocent and beautiful and a university student. She fell in love with a boy at her university. When her family knows about it, they forcefully marry her to her cousin Aaresh( who is a famous model).

Ramal is a bold girl and a journalist who always exposes corrupt politicians. She is the one who only talks to politicians nicely. She has an attitude problem.

The novel was not written nicely. The writer should improve her writing style, and how she describes characters could be clearer, at least for me. You may have a different opinion about the novel.

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