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Satrangi tere rang main rang jawan novel by Alisha Ansari

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Introduction to the Novel:

“Satrangi Tere Rang Main Rang Jawan” is the story of a lonely soul. The main theme of the story highlights different aspects of relationships, love, trust, and much more.

About the Author, Alisha Ansari:

Alisha Ansari, the writer of the novel “Satrangi Tery Rang Main Rang Jawan,” is a new author who began her career through social media and gained popularity. Alisha has a large following of readers who enjoy her writing. Besides “Satrangi Tery Rang Main Rang Jawan,” she has written other novels, including “Ishq E Mutashqaram,” “Arzoo E Khaas,” “Jissy Rabb Rakhe,” and “Dinar.”

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Summary and Review of the Novel Satrangi Tere Rang Main Rang Jawan:

The novel’s story revolves around Lailak Khanzada (the female protagonist), who is an orphan and lives with her brother and grandmother. Lailak was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is arrogant, beautiful, talkative, and never gives others a chance to speak.

Lailak’s father’s sister, Saboor Begum, despises her. Saboor has silently tormented Lailak ever since her parents’ death. Unfortunately, Lailak makes some mistakes that allow Saboor Begum to spread evil assumptions about her. Lailak’s brother, Mekaal, arranges her marriage to his driver, Youshy (the male protagonist), and effectively removes her from their lives.

Other main characters in the story include Sunehr, Sheheryar, Najab, Maida, and Muzamil. Will Lailak accept Youshay as her husband? Can Youshay fulfill Lailak’s desires? What will be the outcome of their married life?

Overall, the novel is good and worthwhile. I particularly enjoyed the arguments between Lailak and Youshay.

But as I ever mention that’s my opinion you may have a different view. 

To discover the entire story of Lailak and Youshay, consider reading the novel.

Read Online Satrangi TereRang Main Rang Jawan Complete Novel:

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