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Rooh Ke Makeen Novel By Fatima Niazai

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Introduction to Novel:

Rooh Ke Makeen Novel is a love-based socio-romantic novel written by the famous Urdu writer Fatima Niazai. The novel beautifully explores the essence of pure relationships.

About The Author Fatima Niazi:

Fatima Niazai is a renowned Urdu novel writer and screenplay writer. She began her journey through social media and quickly gained a massive fan following.

Fatima consistently sheds light on social issues through her writing. Her pen weaves a spell that keeps readers engaged throughout her stories.

Among her notable works are Malal E Hayat,Berukhi K Hisar Main, Meri Zaat Ishq, Zindan E Zaat, and Tujh se Hai Jahan Mera, among others.

Summary and Review of Rooh Ka Makeen Novel:

The novel’s story begins with a poor girl named Zohera (the female protagonist) whose parents have passed away. Her uncle, Aalam Sahab, raises her alongside his son, Nawaf. Nawaf is Aalam Sahb’s only child, and as he grows up, he becomes involved with a gangster named Ahmer Shams (the male protagonist). Zohera deeply loves her uncle and takes care of him day and night.

Nawaf, unfortunately, is an irresponsible man who frequently disappears for days. He neglects his sick father and shows little concern for him.

Ahmer Shams, on the other hand, is a married man with a five-year-old son. Zohera’s life takes an unexpected turn when she visits Ahmer Shams’ house in search of Nawaf. Initially, they dislike each other, but circumstances change when Ahmer Shams steps in to help Zohera during her difficult times.

He provides her shelter and takes responsibility for her after her uncle’s demise.

Overall, the novel is both interesting and engaging, with an amazing storyline. I particularly admire the character of Ahmer Shams.

Despite being a gangster, he possesses a good heart and an attentive ear for even the smallest details. Remember, this is my personal opinion about the novel, and your perspective may differ.

To uncover the complete story of Ahmer Shams and Zohera, I recommend reading the novel.

Read Online Rooh Ke Makeen Complete Novel:

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