Safar E Sultanat

Safar E Sultanat Novel By Tanzeela Nawaz

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Introduction of the Novel Safar E Sultanat:

Safar E Sultanat Novel by Tanzeela Nawaz is a story of tears, patience, beliefs, love, passion, and much more.

About the Author Tanzeela Nawaz:

Tanzeela Nawaz is a new writer who is starting her career. Safar E Sultanat is her first Novel. She has written the Novel in episodes from her Novel, which is being posted online. May it would get the attention and appreciation it deserves.

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Summary and Review of Safar E Sultanat Novel:

Safar E Sultanat is a novel that includes stories of many couples. The story’s main characters are Hafsa, Arshiya, Orhan Shah, Buraq Shah, and Ilhaan Shah.

The Novel starts with the wedding of Hafsa Khan, the daughter of a famous family. Her father, Faraz Khan, raised her daughters Hafsa and Arshiya as confident and bold girls who can take a stand for themselves and believe in their parents’ choices. Faraz Khan is like a friend to her daughter, who doesn’t have a brother.

After her marriage, she faced so much pain in her marriage relationship due to her husband. Hafsa never tells anyone about her husband’s behavior. After three years, she returned to her family and divorced her husband Humza, who was interested in someone else.

Her sister Arshiya married a man, Orhan Shah, whose fiancé got married to Arshiya’s fiancé on their wedding day. As a result, Arshiya and Orhan married each other due to their family.

Orhan Shah is a talented leader of her tribe, and he made decisions for his tribe. He takes care of his family and the beloved grandson of his grandfather. His grandfather loves his grandsons(Orhan, Ilhaan, and Burqa).

Orhan, Ilhaan, and Buraq are like one soul in three bodies. They love each other, care for each other, and know each other well.

What would be the future of Hafsa and Arshiya? Would they be able to find true love? Would their parents be able to see them happy again?

The novel has many other characters because it is based on many couples, their sorrows, hurdles in their relationships, and much more.

To know the whole story of the “Safar E Sultanat” novel, you must consider reading it and sharing it with your friends and family.

Read Online Safar E Sultanat Novel:

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