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Lagan Lagi Tum Se Novel By Nadia Jahangir

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Introduction to novel Lagan Lagi Tum Se:

Lagan Lagi Tum Se Novel By Nadia Jahangir, is a social romantic novel of two souls with many misunderstandings and greed for wealth. Nadia Jahangir has written the novel beautifully.

About the Author Nadia Jahangir:

Nadia Jahangir is an Urdu Novelist who contributed significantly to Urdu Adab. Nadia has written many social Novels in digests. She has a fan following and has written many exciting novels for her readers. Her famous work includes Jheel K Us Paar, Mery Aangan Utra Chand, Hum Apny Syed Khud, Apna Ho To Aisa Ho, Mohabbat to Qareeb Hai, Silsaly Wafa K, and many others.

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Summary and Review of Lagan Lagi Tum Se:

Lagan Lagi tum Se is a romantic novel that revolves around a girl, Maah Rukh( female protagonist), who has lived with her grandmother since she was one year old. Maah Rukh’s mother got divorced when she was one year old, and she started living with her mother and died within one year. Maah Rukh lived a miserable life with so much hatred for her father and his family.

She works in an office and takes care of her grandmother. Once, a boy(Sayed Awais Alam Shah) came to her grandmother’s house and claimed to be her cousin and her fianc√©. Awais started chasing her and wanted to marry her forcefully. She tried her best to escape from him. Maah Rukh left her house and job and took shelter in her friend’s house.

Her friend’s family takes care of her, but Awais reaches there also and threatens them. She left her friend’s house and went to a hotel. Imran (Maah Rukh’s friend’s husband) suddenly reaches there and tells her that Awais kidnapped his sister, and he wants Maah Rukh in one hour. When she goes home, Awais marries her and takes her with him. She hates him so much that she ignores and talks to him nicely.

Sumaira, Rabia, and Imran are the other main characters.

What would be the ending of their marriage? Would Maah Rukh forget all the bad memories and live a good life? Why did Awais marry her forcefully?

Overall, the novel was good, short, and interesting. I always say that’s what I think about the story; you may have a different view. To know the whole story of Maah Rukh and Awais, you must consider reading “Lagan Lagi Tumse by Nadia Jahangir.”

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