Muslim AZ Ashiq nabashid kafirast

Muslim Az Ashiq Nabashid Kafirast Novel By Humaira Fatima

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Introduction to Novel:

Muslim Az Ashiq Nabashid Kafirast novel is an exciting novel that explores various themes like romance, secret agents, and friendship. Written by the renowned Urdu novelist Humaira Fatima, this story is filled with emotions and intriguing twists.

About the Author Humaira Fatima:

Humaira Fatima is a famous Urdu writer known for her heartfelt romantic stories. Her novels touch readers’ hearts with their relatable characters and emotional depth. If you enjoy love stories, Humaira’s books are perfect for you.

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Summary of Muslim Az Ashiq Nabashid Kafirast Novel:

The novel revolves around Zain Shah, an educated man who leads a village. He marries Mehrma Shahnawaz Sikander due to certain circumstances. But there’s a catch: Mehrma is a vani—a girl bound by tradition to forfeit her rights and serve others.

Zain dislikes this ritual, and secretly, he cares for Mehrma. She’s confident and stands up against injustice. However, most of Zain’s family members dislike her, except for a few who see her worth.

As their love story unfolds, challenges arise. Zain’s mother and fiancée oppose Mehrma, creating tension. Amidst love, betrayal, and societal norms, the question remains: Can Zain and Mehrma find happiness despite their past? The novel introduces other intriguing characters, both good and bad, who shape their journey.

Other main characters of the story are:

Miss K, Fateh, Ebaa, Zohaib, Rehma, and Amaar: Supporting characters who influence the protagonists’ lives.

Wazil Shah, Kaabir Shah, and Arham Shah are Antagonists who challenge Zain and Mehrma’s love.

If you are interested in Zain and Mehrma love story then must consider reading the novel.

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