Hisar E Mohabbat

Hisar E Mohabbat Novel By Aan Fatima

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Introduction to Novel:

Hisar E Mohabbat Novel By Aan Fatima, is a novel brimming with sibling love, fun, trust, and bonds with friends and cousins.

About the Author Aan Fatima:

Aan Fatima is an emerging Urdu novelist who began her literary journey in 2019. She has authored several Urdu novels and has garnered a fan following on her Facebook page. Some of her notable works include “Junoon E Mann,” “Shart E Ulfat,” “Mohabbat Rang Dy Jate Hai,” and “Paiman E Wafa.”

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Summary and Review of Hisar E Mohabbat:

The novel “Hisaar E Mohabbat” by Aan Fatima weaves together multiple love stories. It shines a spotlight on various characters, creating a romantic narrative filled with fun and friendship.

Let’s meet the key characters from the story:

1. Mehram: A gentle and caring girl who prioritizes her family’s happiness and safety. She takes care of everyone, including her siblings Izza, Hijab, and Saim.

2. Izza: A short-tempered girl who enjoys mischief with her cousin Hijab.

3. Hijab: A carefree girl who lives life on her terms.

4. Saaim: The mature and responsible brother of the three sisters. He fulfills their wishes and looks after them.

5. Ayat: A talkative individual who occasionally irritates Saim but can’t control her tongue.

6. Pareeshy: Works in an office and meets her senior, Maaz.

7. Maaz: A mature man who develops feelings for Pareeshy and eventually proposes to her.

8. Azlan: Assists his father in business and has a younger sibling, Affan, who attends university.

 Azlan’s accidental encounter with Mehram sparks an attraction, but who knows what twists their story will take? To uncover the complete tale of the novel “Hisaar E Mohabbat,”consider reading the entire book.

Read Online Hisar E Mohabbat Complete Novel:

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