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Lambiyan ne Rahwan Ishq Diyan Novel By Mirha Khan

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Introduction to the Novel:

Lambiyan ne Rahwan Ishq Diyan Novel by Mirha Khan is a story that explores the themes of love, emotions, and self-discovery.

About the Author Mirha Khan:

Mirha Khan is a famous Urdu novel writer whose work has gained the attention and appreciation of readers. Mirha has a unique writing style and can engage readers throughout the story. She has the ability to capture attention through her writing. Some of her famous novels include My Kharoos Mr., Kithe Phas Gayi Heer, Ik Pegham E Mohabbat, and many more.

Summary and Review of the Novel Lambiyan Ne Rahwan Ishq Diyan:

The story of the novel begins in a white mansion (safaid Haveli) in Balochistan. The mansion belongs to Sayed Muhammed Abdullah Shah, who has a son, Sayed Mahbeer Shah, and a daughter, Mashaim. Sayed Mahbeer Shah has a childhood friend, Salih Yousaf, who belongs to a middle-class family.

Yousaf can do anything, anytime for Mahbeer. Yousaf never looks at women and always lowers his gaze. He has a strong character and talks to others in a harsh tone. Mahbeer trusts him the most. Mashaim falls in love with Yousaf when they encounter each other during an accident.

Mashaim tells her family that she likes Yousaf. As a result, Mahbeer gets angry at Yousaf and throws him out of the mansion. Yousaf is hurt to know about Mashaim’s feelings. Sayed Abdullah decides to marry her off as soon as possible because he is not able to accept her love for a middle-class man.

Another main character of the story is Orhan Sameed, who is a playboy who just uses girls as tissue paper. He is so cruel that he even kills girls after using them. Orhan has a sister, Arishma, who is innocent, and no one knows that he has a sister. Orhan is against Mahbeer’s family due to some family issues.

He wants to take revenge on Mahbeer. One day, a man sees Arishma and decides to use her as Orhan uses other girls. He goes to Orhan’s house, rapes her sister, and throws her on a road.

Will Orhan be able to learn a lesson after what happens to his sister? What will be the ending of Yousaf and Mashaim’s story? Will Mahbeer be able to find true love?

To know the complete story, consider reading the novel Lambiyan ne Rahwan Ishq Diyan.

Read Lambiyan Ne Rahwan Ishq Diyan Complete Novel:

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