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Mikail Novel By Adeena Khan

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Introduction to Novel:

Mikail Novel highlights the relationship between Humanity, love, and the mischiefs we do in our relations and make our relations weak.

About the Author Adeena Khan:

Adeena Khan is a new writer who has written several Urdu novels. She has a different writing style. Adeena Khan is gaining popularity among young readers through her writing style. Adeena is still improving her writing as she is gaining experience.

Some of her famous novels include Yeh Jalna Jalana, Ala Rasi, and Khayal E Eid.

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Summary and Review of Mikail Novel:

The story of the novel” ” Mikail” highlights the journey of a man named Mikael. Mikail(Male protagonist), His parents'” only child and has some issues with his dad. He never obeys his father and tries to ignore him as much as possible. In short, Mikael is a spoiled son of a wealthy family.

He has two best friends, Waleed and Hassan; Waleed is a friend who always tries to calm down Mikael’s anger. But Hassan, who is so inspired by Mikael’s father, sometimes argues with him.

Hassan and Waleed are not only Mikael’s neighbors but also his childhood friends.

Anwa Haris(Female Protagonist) is a widow; her husband, Captain Haris, was a Martyr. After her death, she gave birth to a baby boy, Jahangir. She is raising her child as a single mother and living with her Mother-in-Law. Anwa’s Anwa’ss family wants her to marry again, but she never agrees.

She started doing the job to fulfill her son’s expenses. She got selected as Mikael’s father’sasMikael’ssfather’ss assistant.

The story took an exciting turn when Mikael’s father got sick and was admitted to the hospital, and Anwa visited him and met Mikael there. Neither of them likes the other in their first encounter.

Jahangir, who always goes to the park with Anabi(Her Grandmother), met Mikael there. Allergic to children, Mikael got attracted to Jahangir and tried to talk to him. After some days, they became a friend and started meeting daily.

Due to some situations, Mekail Marries Anwa, the girl he never liked, even at once. What would be the ending of their relationship? What is the reason that Mikael agrees to marry Anwa? Will he be able to accept Anwa with her past and her son?

To know the complete story of Anwa and Mikael, you must consider reading Mikael’s Novel.

Read Online Mekail Complete Novel:

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