Jis Tan Nu Lagdi Oho Tan Jany

Jis Tan Nu Lagdi O Tan Jany Novel By Farwa Yousuf:

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Introduction to Novel:

Jis Tan Nu Lagdi O Tan Jany Novel By Farwa Yousaf is a novel that describes trust, betrayal, love, regret, university life, suspense, and much more.

About the Author Farwa Yousuf:

Farwa Yousuf is a famous Urdu Novel writer who has written many famous Urdu novels in gained popularity among young readers. She has written romantic, suspense, and army officer-based novels. Farwa has the amazing skill to engage the readers until the end of the story. Her famous novels include Junoon E Ishq, Qayas E Mohabbat, Tere Naseeb Ki Baarishain, Zakham Mere Allah Dhoey Ga, and many more.

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Summary and Review of Jis Tan Nu Lagdi O Tan Jany Novel:

The story of the novel revolves around the story of a girl Unaiza Shah(female protagonist) who is a hijabiyan(who covers herself) girl and belongs to a pious family. She is the loveliest daughter of her father and a beloved sister of her brother Daim Shah(a Doctor). Unaiza was admitted to the Marmara University of Turkey. Her father trusted her blindly and sent her to Turkey to get a higher education.

There she fell in love with her Male teacher and they started dating each other.

The other main character of the story Zaamin Shah(Male Protagonist) is admitted to a mental Hospital. He is in severe pain of regression. Zaamin always shouts and calls a girl Named Ujala and cries a lot. He imagines her everywhere and sees her like she is crying.Daaim(brother of Unaiza) is the Dr of Zaamin Shah who is trying hard to bring him back to normal life.

But after the hard work of one month, Daaim took him to his house and tried to treat him in a better environment.

The other main character of the story is Sirhan Sikander(whom you can expect anything). Faizan is the best friend of Siyan they both are famous for their mischiefs. Another main character of the story is Larwish(Unaiza’s best friend) who is a university student and lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Overall the story was good enough and full of suspense and I especially feel sorry for Unaiza and Zaamin. Unaiza faced many difficult situations. what would be the ending of Unaiza and Zaamin’s story? How they met is another story. Where do they fall in love when Unaiza strictly Covers herself whenever she goes anywhere? To know the whole story and to know the suspense elements of the story must consider reading “Jis Tan Nu Lagdi O Tan Jany By Farwa Yousuf”.

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