Maseeha Dil Ka Novel By Saira Kashish

Maseeha Dil Ka Novel By Saira Kashish

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Introduction of the novel:

Maseeha Dil Ka By Saira Kashish is a socio-romantic fiction novel. The novel is about love, mistrust and the effect of parents’ relations on children’s minds.

Saira Kashish has written the novel beautifully.

About The author Saira Kashish:

Saira Kashish, the writer of the novel “Maseeha Dil Ka”, is a famous novel writer. She is a senior writer who has written many favourite stories. Saira has written books on many topics, which mainly include fiction novels. She can cast a spell on readers.

Her famous novels include Ajab Qurbaton Ki Doori, Kanty Bhi Lagty Hain Gulab, Muhabbat Andhi Nahi, and Malal E Zeest.

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Summary and review of Novel Maseeha Dil Ka:

The story of the novel “Maseeha Dil Ka” revolves around the families of Moeez Alvi and Iftikhar Mehmood Afandi. Moeez Alvi(a politician) has three sons and a daughter, Abeera(female protagonist). He doesn’t have a good character, which is the reason for his unsuccessful marriage. All three sons of Moeez are like him. Abeera believes that only “one per cent” of men in the world have a strong character. That is why she never takes an interest in boys and in getting married.

Once, she saw a boy and liked him. She is a good painter and painted the boy on canvas because she wanted him at first sight.

Abeera found out that the boy she saw randomly on the road was a movie actor whose name was “Faran Affandi”.He is a top actor and worked in many romantic movies. She assumes that her “one per cent” formula doesn’t apply to him because he is a hero, so he can’t have a strong character, and he is like her brothers and father.

At Abeera’s brother’s wedding, Affan(The male protagonist) was invited as a guest of honour. He was giving autographs to his fans when he saw Abeer and thought that she was waiting to get a signature from him. But unluckily, when he held her hand to give an autograph, she slapped him in front of everyone.

Now is the moment where I got curious about what was going to happen next, but what I thought was not happening at all.

Affan is a man with high moral values. He is a humble man, and he never gets attracted to his co-actors.

To know the whole story of Abeer and Affan and to understand their love story, you must consider reading the novel “Maseeha Dil Ka” by Saira Kashish.

Read Online Maseeha Dil Ka Novel By Saira Kashish:

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