Safar E Kun Novel

Safar E Kun Novel By Aliza Ayat

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Introduction To Novel Safar E Kun:

Safar E Kun, a Novel By Aliza Ayat, is a heart-touching story of two souls. The novel highlights many aspects like love, trust, difficulties a couple can face, and a beautiful sibling bond.

Aliza Ayat has beautifully described love’s unique effects on a human being and its surroundings and how your whole world can change when you find your soulmate.

About The Author Aliza Ayat:

Aliza Ayat is the writer of the story Safar E Kun, which is a romantic tale of two souls. She is a new writer who is famous among youngsters and writes about different themes. Aliza has explained the characters of the story and the various aspects of life very well.

Her famous novels include Dil E Aziz and Azmil E Junoon.

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Summary and Review Of Safar E Kun Novel:

The novel Safar E Kun by Aliza Ayat revolves around the families of Sardar Sahab and Aalim Sahib. Sardar Sahab and Aalam Sahab are best friends. Sardar Sahab has four sons (Aasim, Umer, Ali, and Ahmed) and one daughter (Aliza).

Aliza(female protagonist) is the elder of all siblings. Being the only sister, she is a lovely daughter and sister. She is a university student and has two best friends, Mariyam and Ayesha.

Alizay has a lovely family and lives happily with her family.

Makzam(male protagonist) is the only son of Aalam Sahab, and he is the rudest boy. Makzam never smiles and talks nicely to anyone.

He is a famous businessman at a very young age. Every girl wanted him, but he never saw anyone.

Makzam and Alizay met accidentally, and Alizay saved him during the first encounter and got herself injured. After the first encounter, Mazkam unconsciously started thinking about Alizay. After that, they met at the wedding of Alizay’s best friend, and Makzam fell in love with her.

Makzam marries Alizay forcefully, and then the real story begins. The whole novel revolves around their after-marriage life and their small gestures of love.

The other main characters of the novel are Bee Jaan, Jahanzaib, Ifrah, and Khawar.

The novel is full of romance but has a simple storyline with no suspense, and for me, it was challenging to keep my interest until the end.

But as I always say, you may have a different view after reading the novel.

To know the whole story of Aliza and Makzam and to enjoy their after-marriage journey, you can consider reading Safar E Kun by Aliza Ayat.

Read online Safar E Kun Novel By Aliza Ayat:

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