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Intekhab E Man Novel By Rabia Zeeshan

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Introduction to the Novel:

Intekhab E Man novel by Rabia Zeeshan is a romantic tale of many couples. The story of the novel includes many themes like forced marriage, love, revenge, bonding between cousins, and many more.

About the Author Rabia Zeeshan:

Rabia Zeeshan is an Urdu novelist known for highlighting societal issues. She has an amazing style of writing that keeps the readers curious and engages them with the novel until the end.

Rabia includes many themes in her novels, such as thrill, suspense, fiction, and rude hero-based characters. She has written novels that are based on a mansion and its residents.

Other than “Intekhab E Mann,” she has written “Aks Mann.”

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Summary and Review of Intekhab E Man Novel:

The interesting and engaging story of the novel “Intekhab E Man” revolves around Shah Haweli and its residents. The Haweli, which harbors another world within, binds its people with love and affection.

The main characters of the story are Meer Sohrab Shah, who has the nickname Meer Shah, Aahan Shah, Zaroon Shah, Armaan Shah, Zaman Shah, Murad Shah, Ushna, Mehma, Hooriya, and Irha.

Let me introduce you to these characters. Meer Shah is an honest, brave, and competent ASP who knows his duty and is always ready to sacrifice himself for his country.

During a project, he met a girl named Ushna who was being kidnap and is now not mentally stable. Meer Shah fell in love with her.

The second story highlighted in the novel is about Mehma and Aahan. Aahan is a dedicated police officer who loves Mehma silently after he gains consciousness and understands the meaning of love. However, due to his complex, he feels he is not suitable for Mehma. Mehma is a nice and shy girl who doesn’t know how to fight for her rights and accepts everything, considering it her fate. Mehma is the wife of Zaman, a man with no character; there is no bad habit that Zaman does not have.

The third story highlighted in the novel is about Zaroon and Hooriya. Zaroon, also in the Police Department, married a girl named Hooriya to take revenge on his father. Hooriya, whose father

is a politician, is an innocent and bold girl who can fight for her rights. Whereas Zaroon is a man who does whatever he thinks.

In my opinion, the novel is interesting and engaging, and the writer has beautifully described the characters. Sometimes I get mixed up with the names of the male characters. I still like the whole story. But as I always mention, that’s my opinion about the novel; you may have a different view.

To know the whole story of the novel you must consider reading the novel Intekhab E Man.

Read Intekhab E Man Complete Novel:

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