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Sitam Ki Zanjeer Novel By Rimsha Hayat

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Introduction to the Novel:

 Sitam Ki Zanjeer Novel by Rimsha Hayat, is a story that delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the compromises a girl makes for her loved ones. The narrative sheds light on the societal discrimination between daughters and sons, where daughters are often sacrificed for the sake of their brothers.

About the Author Rimsha Hayat: 

Rimsha Hayat is a well-known Urdu novel writer who captivates readers with her unique writing style. Her novels predominantly explore romance, feature strong and sometimes rude heroes, and portray innocent female protagonists. Her work spans across various genres, earning her a substantial fan following on her Facebook page. Notable among her works are “Muhabbat k Moti,” “The Beast,” “Jasarat E Mohabbat,” “Tapish E Ishq,” and “Dard E Dewanagi.”

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Summary and Review of Sitam Ki Zanjeer Novel: 

“Sitam Ki Zanjeer” revolves around the lives of two innocent girls who become victims of family decisions. The story unfolds during a Jarga (a gathering where male members from respectable families convene to make decisions).

According to their verdict, Zara (the female protagonist) is to marry Zohan (the male protagonist), who happens to be the brother of the boy killed by Zara’s brother, Sadam. Zara’s father agrees to this marriage to save his son’s life. Meanwhile, Sadam is set to marry Fatima, Zohan’s disabled sister.

The novel explores the hardships faced by Zara and Fatima due to their families’ choices. Zara endures conspiracies from Zohan’s family, who treat her like a slave and subject her to constant torture.

Initially, Zohan remains indifferent to Zara, but gradually, he takes a stand for her. In contrast, Fatima, married to Zara’s brother, finds relief as Zara’s family treats her kindly. However, Sadam continues to torment Fatima because of her disability.

The central question remains: Will Zara and Fatima ever capture the attention and affection of their husbands, or will they continue to endure a difficult life? Will both couples find a happy ending?

“Some of the other main characters in the story are Arqam, Shakeela, Alishba, Aliya, and Ammar. Overall, the novel is interesting and engaging, delivering the message that women in our families are not responsible for the evil deeds of their male family members.

Women are also human beings and should be treated as such. That’s my opinion about the novel. You may have a different view. If you’re interested, consider reading the complete stories of Fatima and Zara in the novel Sitam Ki Zanjeer.”

Read Sitam Ki Zanjeer Complete Novel:

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