Dil Ghalti Kar Baitha HAI

Dil Ghalte Kr Baitha Hai Novel By Huma Waqas

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Introduction to Novel:

Dil Ghalte kr Baitha hai novel by Huma Waqas is a romantic novel that highlights how we lost someone so precious to us because of our ego. 

About the Author Huma Waqas:

Huma Waqas is a romantic novel writer who is gaining popularity because of her unique style of writing. Huma can cast spells on readers and engage them in the story. She describes the story and all the characters amazingly. She has written many novels, but some of them are Deed E Qalb, Ajab Bandhan, Zeest k Hamrahi, Basil, Butter Scotch, and many more. 

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Summary and Review of Dil Ghalte kr Baitha hai Novel:

Dil Ghalte kr Baitha hai novel is the story of two cousins, Zardad (male protagonist) and Daneen (female protagonist). Daneen is a girl with a dull complexion, but she is a brilliant student. Daneen doesn’t have any siblings and lives in a joint family. Daneen is the girl whose examples are given to every student of the family. She doesn’t speak so much and always concentrates on her studies.

Zardad is a boy who never listens to anyone. Zardad is a handsome boy with a fantastic color complexion. He never takes an interest in studies and always enjoys it with his friends. He wants to be a singer, but his father is strictly against his choice. He is irritated with Daneen because his father never compares him with Daneen and always appreciates her in front of him. 

The main story starts when Zardad pretends that he is in love with Daneen. 

He keeps pretending until Daneen believes and starts talking to her. As a result, Daneen became severe about him and fell in love with him. She forgot everything, even his studies. The central tragedy happens when Daneen comes to know Zardad’s reality. 

Some of the other main characters of the story are Badar, Mansa, Zain, and Ashaal. 

Overall, the novel was good, and the writer amazingly explained the characters. The most exciting thing I found in the story, which gained my attention, was the color complexion of heroin because I have read so many novels. The writer always writes about the hero and heroine like they are the most beautiful people on earth. 

If you are interested in knowing the love story of Zardad and Daneen, then you must consider reading the Novel “ Dil Ghalte kr Baitha hai By Huma Waqas.”

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