Black Moon Novel

Black Moon Novel By Nisha Umer

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Introduction of Novel:

Black Moon Novel By Nisha Umer, is a romantic tale of two souls who were left alone in this crowded world. The novel highlights love, revenge, betrayal and much more. 

About the Author Nisha Umer:

Nisha Umer is a novel writer who has written many novels of different genres. She has an art of delivering stories amazingly. Nisha has written books in many categories, which include romance, forced marriage, gangster and many more. She can engage readers in the overall story. 

Nisha user’s famous novels include Red Wine, Bahar E Zindage, Eid k Bad, The Queen, Malkiyat and many more. 

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Summary and Review Of Black Moon Novel:

Black Moon is a romantic novel that highlights the story of Usaam Sheikh (Male Protagonist), who is an orphan living alone in his house with his only son, Aaban. Usaam is a famous businessman. He is so rude and arrogant.

On the other hand, Ashway (female Protagonist) is a girl who is not interested in studies and likes to watch movies and read novels. Ashway life was going calmly until Usaam Sheikh’s proposal came to his house. He is older than Ashway, but Ashway’s father forced her to marry her with Usaam. Ashway, who was in love with her cousin Maah Beer, married Usaam just for his father. The story takes an exciting turn when Ashway comes to know that her father married her with Usaam just for the sake of money. 

The other story described in the novel is Reez and Izzat. Reez (Ashway’s brother) is an intelligent boy and is the most beloved child of the family. Izzat(Ashway’s cousin and best friend) is a girl who has the same hobbies as Ashway but never gets better grades than Ashway. Izzat falls in love with Reez, but her mother plays the negative character in her love story. 

The opposing characters of the story are Pareeshy (who is a police officer), who loves Usaam, Dania(who is living at Usaam’s house as his sister), and the last one is Ali Saith. 

The story was terrific, especially Abaan’s character. His dialogue was written beautifully. If you want to read a romantic and funny novel, you must consider reading “ Black Moon.”

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