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Dhoop Dhal Jaye Ge Novel By Nadia Fatima Rizvi

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Introduction To Novel:

Dhoop Dhal Jaye Ge Novel By Nadia Fatima Rizvi, is a novel based on how sisters sacrifice themselves for their brothers. It also highlights how women pay for the sins of their father, brother, and son.

About the Author Nadia Fatima Rizvi:

Nadia Fatima Rizvi is a famous Urdu Novel Writer who writes for different digests. Nadia always highlighted the facts of society. She can engage the audience with suspense elements. She has written novels for Shuaa, Aanchal, Khwateen, and many digests. Her famous novels include Mera Harjai Sanam, Ik Badguman Si Larki, Tum Hi Se Hoga Milan, Qandeel Sy Hai Jeewan Main Roshni, and many more. 

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Summary and Review Of Dhoop Dhal Jaye Ge Novel:

The story of the novel “ Dhoop Dhal Jaye Ge ” revolves around Muzgan(female protagonist), who is the only sister of two brothers. Muzgan is an educated girl who is going to marry the man(Azar Malik) of his family’s choice. Azar divorces her on the first morning of their marriage. Because he marries Muzgan to take revenge on his sister. Azar’s sister took her own life because of Muzgan’s brother. 

Muzgan came back to her house, and her mother died due to the shaking. Muzgan’s second brother requested her not to tell anyone the truth. Muzgan bears so much for the sake of her brother. She suffered so much because of her brothers and her sisters-in-law. Her brother never loved her and always took their wife’s side. 

At last, she decided to do a job to fulfill her needs. She works hard to complete her office work, and there she meets her Boss, Asfar Ali (male protagonist). Asfar is a young man who attained success and popularity at a young age. He is interested in his secretary, Laila, and never gives attention to Muzgan. 

Muzgan faces so many situations and the evil eyes of the male employees of the office just because she is divorced. The writer has written the story really well. Because every scene she describes in the novel relates to reality. Nadia highlighted the facts beautifully. She tried to convey the message that men should think before doing anything wrong with other women, but women of their families have to pay the price. 

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