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Dharkanon Ka Ameen Novel By Ana Ilyas

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Introduction to Novel:

Dharkanon Ka Ameen Novel, By Ana Ilyas, is a novel based on crimes and misuse of authority in our society. Ana Ilyas has highlighted the cruel facts of our culture and those who have some authority.

About the Author Ana Ilyas:

Ana Ilyas is a young novel writer who is famous among the younger generation for her unique writing style. She has written novels in many genres, such as fiction, romance, horror, and suspense.

Her famous novels include Gar Mujhy Iska Yaqeen Ho, Rag E Jaan Hai Wo, Teri Adat Ho Gae, Tujh Sang Zindage, Jany Na Tu, Tery Mery Darmiyan and many more.

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Summary and Review OF Dharkanon Ka Ameen Novel:

Dharkanon Ka Ameen, a novel by Ana Ilyas, highlights the hidden face of our politicians who are being selected by the nation and never care about the country.

The main character of the story is Yamama (female protagonist), who is an orphan and works as a Lawyer. Yamama is an honest Lawyer whose husband died, and she is living as a widow. She wanted to take revenge on all the people who were in authority and who never used their authority for the nation’s benefit.

She is fearless and never takes her opponent’s threats seriously. Her guardians have a son, Faran. Faran has been Yamama’s best friend since her childhood, and they don’t have any other friends except each other.

Faran loves Yamama, but she never accepts his feelings and wants him just as a friend. The other main character of the story is Nael(Male protagonist), who is an army officer and an orphan. He lives with his guardians.

Nael is an officer who does secret Missions and exposes terrorists who are working on different authoritative posts.

The main story starts when a terrorist kidnaps Yamama, and everyone considers that she died, and her opponent celebrates their victory. There are many other characters described in the story, like Shehenshah, Faran, Wahaj, Waqar, Sami, and many more.

If you want to read the complete story of Yamama, Nael, and Faran, then you must consider reading the “Dharkanon Ka Ameen” novel by Ana Ilyas.

Read Online Dharkanon Ka Ameen Novel By Ana Ilyas:

Read the complete novel, share it with family and friends, and save it for offline use.

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