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Bheegi Aankhain Tere Novel By Ayat Fatima

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Introduction to Novel:

Bheegi Aankhain Tere Novel By Ayat Fatima is a romantic novel highlighting three couples’ love stories.

About the Author Ayat Fatima:

Ayat Fatime is an Urdu novelist who has written many novels; she highlights many social issues through them. She has written in many genres, including after-marriage, vani-based, forced marriage, and much more.

She is famous among young readers for her unique style of writing. Ayat Fatima’s favorite novels include Rangeen Baharain, Tere Liye, Dil E Wehshat, and many others.

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Summary and Review of Bheegi Aankhain Tere Novel:

The story of the novel “Bheegi Aankhain Tere” revolves around three couples who face many situations to be together. The story’s Main characters are Meer Zahram Malik, Meer Zaryab Malik, and Meer Hadi.

Zahram is a severe and mature man who knows his responsibilities and has the guts to fulfill them. Zahram’s parents died during an accident, and he lives with his Uncle’s family. He is the most significant child of the whole family, so everyone respects him and loves him.

He is in Nikkah with his cousin Alizay, an emotional girl and the only sister of Zaryab Malik.

Zaryab is a boy trying to help his father in his family business. Zaryab knows how to respect women and how to talk to them nicely. Once, he goes to a restaurant with his friends and meets a waitress, Noor Ul Ain. Noor Ul Ain is a girl who is married, and her husband died after four months of their marriage; she has no one in her family to take care of her, so she starts a job as a waitress. After her husband’s death, she faced many situations and lived a miserable life after that. She loves her husband so much.

Zaryab married Aina(Noor Ul Ain) forcefully. Why would he marry a poor girl? Is it just an emotional decision, or does he feel for her? Will Aina accept her marriage?

Meer Hadi, a university student and cousin of Zaryab and Zahram, fell for her teacher, Suhana(a poor girl). He chases her and tries to irritate her in class. Meer Hadi is rich, and his family donates to the university, so one can say anything to him.

What would be the ending of Meer Hadi’s story? Is he serious about Suhana?

To know the complete love stories of Zahram, Zaryab, and Meer Hadi must consider reading the novel” Bheegi Aankhain Tere” By Ayat Fatima.

Read Online Bheegi Aankhain Tere Complete Novel:

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