Diyar E Dil Novel By Rabia Bukhari

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Introduction To Novel:

Diyar E Dil novel BY Rabia Bukhari highlights betrayal, happiness in yourself, love, affection, friendship, and much more.

About the Author Rabia Bukhari:

Rabia Bukhari is Urdu Novel Writer.She has written many famous novels and is popular among Urdu novel readers. She can cast a spell on readers and get her audience engage.

She is not just a good writer but also a good describer of characters and plot of story.

Rabia Bukhari’s famous novels include Raakh, Bedardi Saiyan, Zaat E Ishq Shab E Taab, and many more.

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Summary and Review of Novel Diyar E Dil:

The novel’s story revolves around Minha Munawar(Female protagonist), an orphan living with her mother, Naaz Bi. Minha is the only child of her parents; Naaz bi loves Mirha the most because she is the only relation she has.

Minha is engage to a boy called Bilal, a man with many sisters and a greedy mother; his mother doesn’t want him to marry Minha because mInha is not a rich girl.

One day, when Minha was with her friend Samar, they encounter Aahil Khan(Male protagonist), who is short-temper man. Aahil Khan is a famous businessman who has faced failure in love. After his parents’ separation, Aahil lives with his grandfather, Khan Baba.

He always remembers the girl Huma, with whom he fell in love. Huma was a girl who left him for a rich older man and got marry to him; that is why Aahil never trusted anyone.

The main story starts when Minha forgets her original degrees. At the same time, she is helping Aahil’s grandfather, and when she goes to take her documents, something terrible happens, and Aahil blackmails her after that.

Minha is her parents’ only child, and she doesn’t share anything with her mother to save her from tension. She loves her mother so much and has decided to take revenge on Aahil on her own.

Aahil considers that she is the girl who came to him with a conspiracy against him. Whenever he drinks, he loses the ability to think; he gets lost in the past and cries for the girl Huma, who left her.

Overall, the novel was OK, but the writers shouldn’t describe the hero as drinking and smoking.

As I said, that’s my opinion; you may have a different view. If you want to know who will win the revenge fight from both, you must consider reading the novel” ” Diyar E Dil.”

Read Online Diyar E Dil Complete Novel:

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