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Introduction of Yaram:

Yaaram is a romantic Urdu novel that highlights different aspects of life like friendship, love, loyalty, and sacrifice.

In this novel, university life is described in an amazing way that anyone can get fond of university life and many of us can recall our memories.

Yaram Novel Author:

Sumaira Hameed is the writer of the novel Yaaram. Sumaira started her journey through social

novels and gained popularity. She has written many novels and highlights many social issues.

Sumaira novels have an Islamic touch in them, which attracts the readers.

The most famous novels of Sumaira Hameed are Mohabbat-Mann-Mehram, Umm-Ul-Yaqeen, Tawaf-e-Ishq, and many more.

Yaaram Novel Summary And Review:

Yaaram is a romantic novel with humor, friendship, and memories of university life in it.

Yaaram gained popularity because of its unique characters and their unique personalities.

In this novel, the writer describes university life in detail, the love and trust of friends, their happiness, jokes, mischiefs, and much more.

The novel’s story starts with girl Amarha, the most unliked person in the family.

Everybody considers her unlucky because of some horrible event after her birth.

No one gave importance to and blamed her for every bad thing that happened to them except her grandfather, who loved her and trusted her.

Amarha’s grandfather encouraged her to apply to Manchester University;

Although she could have been a better student, luckily, she got selected.

The second lead character is Aliyaan, humble, friendly, and a favorite of the whole university.

At Manchester University, Amarha met Aliyan Margert, who was very nice to her and always tried to spend time with her, so she fell for him. Amarha became friends with a girl named Vera, who was Russian.

The crucial character I like the most is Carl (Aliyan’s best friend) and the novel’s most unpredictable

and naughty character. Everyone in the university is the victim of his mischief.

If you want to know the love story of Amarha and Aliyan and enjoy their university life journey with the touch of Carl’s mischiefs must read all episodes of the novel.

Conclusion of Yaaram Novel:

Yaaram is a novel about true love and friendship; it includes many emotions like betrayal, sadness, and humor.

We should always love ourselves and give importance to ourselves even if we have no one to remind us how important we are.
We should never think negatively about anyone and try to be in others’ shoes and should always think positively and live our life fully.

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