Wehshat E Yaar

Wehshat E Yaar Novel By Esha Hayat

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Introduction to Novel:

Wehshat E Yaar novel by Esha Hayat, is a romantic and rude hero-based novel. Wehshat E Yaar means “wildness of beloved”. Esha Hayat has written the novel beautifully and highlighted social issues.

About the Author Esha Hayat:

Esha Hayat is the writer of the story Wehshat E yaar. She is a talented Urdu novel writer who has started her career. Wehshat E Yaar’s novel casts a spell on its readers and engages them until the end.

Summary of Wehshat E Yaar Novel:

Wehshat E Yaar novel by Esha Hayat is a romantic novel based on the rude hero. The novel’s story revolves around three couples: Amal and Yaman, Zimal and Mohin, Hania and Minhaj. Amal and Zimal are childhood friends from the same school.

 Amal (the female protagonist) lives with her father and belongs to a middle-class family. After Amal’s father died, Amal went abroad with her aunt (her father’s sister). Amal’s aunt has two sons, Burak and Yaman. Amal is a shy girl who is not happy to be at her aunt’s home. In comparison, Yaman (her aunt’s elder son)is a bold and confident man. 

Yaman always tried to make a situation difficult for Amal. He always tries to terrify Amal and force her to do what he wants. He kidnapped Amal and got married to her forcefully. 

 Another highlight of the novel is Mohin, a non-Muslim who met Zimal(Amal’s best friend) when he came to Pakistan for a business trip. Mohin is a Businessman, whereas Zimal belongs to a low-income family.

Zimal slapped Mohin due to a misunderstanding, which hurt Mohin’s male ego, and he decided to take revenge on Zimal.

The third and last story described in the novel is about Hania(Zamal’s sister) and Minhaj, who are doctors and got married during their childhood. Hania and Minhaj are cousins, and their family separated due to some family issues, and Hania’s family started living alone.

She found that where she was doing the job, Minhaj was her senior. Hania hates Minhaj because of some family issues, so she never follows his orders. After some circumstances, Minhaj takes Hania to her house, and the real story begins Because Minhaj’s mother is the real evil character in his love life.

To know the whole story of the novel and its ending, you must read the Wehshat E Yaar novel.

Review of Novel:

All the novel’s characters are beautifully described, the whole story is engaging, and the audience feels attracted to the characters.

Some scenes include violence, and I think writers shouldn’t write these scenes for someone who loves each other because love teaches you to respect each other from every perspective.

But that is my opinion, you may have a different view. 

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