Talkh Haqeeqat Novel

Talkh Haqeeqat Novel By Kamiha Rehman

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Introduction to Novel:

Talkh Haqeeqat Novel by Kamiha Rehman is a novel based on the bitter truths of our society. The story highlights how we forget the difference between good and bad deeds just for the sake of our desires.

About the Author Kamiha Rahman:

Kamiha Rehman has written her first novel “Talkh Haqeeqat”.The novel is short and contains the story of a single family. Kamiha Rehman tried to convey a message through her story. 

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Summary and Review of Novel Talkh Haqeeqat:

The story of the novel “Talkh Haqeeqat” Revolves around the family of Armaan Sahab, who has a daughter, Andleeb (female protagonist), and a son, Haashir. Armaan is raising his niece Roha after his parent’s death. His family never considered Roha an outsider and always gave her love and respect. 

Andleeb, who is a mature and intelligent girl and the girl who loves her family the most, gets involved with a boy, Zaviyan (male protagonist). Zaviyan and Andleeb met accidentally, and Zaviyan fell in love with her eyes. Their second encounter was at the wedding of Zaviyan’s sister, who is a friend of Andleeb’s. 

Zaviyan and Andleeb start chatting on the phone, and finally, Andleeb starts having feelings for him. They talk day and night and share everything about each other. 

The story takes a turn when Andleeb finds out that Zaviyan has been engaged with their cousin since his childhood, and she separates her ways. 

The other couple in the story are Roha and Hashir. Hashir and Roha always fight with each other but can’t stay away from each other. So, after their families’ willingness, they got engaged. The villain of their story is Sheeza, who is Haashir’s cousin. Shiza likes Haashir and gets jealous whenever she sees Roha with Him. 

Roha is an outspoken girl and can’t tolerate size anywhere. At Hashir and Roha’s Nikkah, shiza pushes Roha from the street and tries to kill her. 

Overall, the novel could have been more exciting and made more sense. Some details of the scenes need to be included, and they need to have a proper storyline. But as I always say, that’s my opinion about the novel you may have a different view. 

To know the whole story of Andleeb and Roha, consider reading the novel “ Talkh Haqeeqat”.

Read Online Talkh Haqeeqat Complete Novel:

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