Sulagti Rahain by Humna Tanveer

Sulagti Rahain Novel by Humna Tanveer Complete

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Introduction to Sulagti Rahain Novel:

Sulagti Rahain written by Humna Tanveer is a social novel.The novel is based on love, romance, friendship, jealousy, fun, and much more. The writer has written the novel amazingly.

About The Author Humna Tanveer:

Humna Tanveer is a new artist who has written the Sulagti Rahain Novel. She has a talent for keeping the readers engaged. She is famous among youngsters.

Her artworks include Nafrat sy shuru hone wale mohabbat ki dastan, Daar E Yaar Par, Tum Bin Jenna Mumkin Nahe, Ruswaey Zamana, and much more.

Summary and Review of Novel Sulagti Rahain:

The novel Sulagti Rahain contains many stories at a time. The main characters of the story are Adan( Female Protagonist) and Husnain (male protagonist).

Adan is an actress who is at the top of her career. Adan has so many opponents who are jealous of her. She is famous for her beauty and acting skills.

She is rich and famous, whereas Husnain is a boy who has an average job and belongs to a middle-class family. Husnain always protects Adan and always wants her to go back on the right path. The relationship between Adan and Husnain is a mystery in the beginning.

Adan loves Shahid, and she is obsessed with him. He is Adan’s husband. Shahid leaves Adan, and she starts taking drugs and tobacco in depression. After getting separated from Shahid she met Husnain, fell in love with him, and got married to him, although their marriage was surprising.

Maleeha is Adan’s opponent, who is so jealous of her that she can destroy herself in jealousy. She(Maleeha) and Shahid are the only negative characters in the story. The other stories described in the novel are Sherri and Izza, who are Adan’s best friends. Izza is married to a man named As Raise, who is a psycho. He makes up stories about Izza and tortures her. Sherri likes Izza and wants to marry her.

Minal and Aneeb’s story is another exciting story in the novel. Aneeb is a jolly character and always helps Minal. The light-hearted conversation between them is fantastic. Harib and Nimra, Ali, and Saira are the other important characters of the novel.

To know all the characters and their stories, you must consider reading the novel Sulagti Rahain by Humna Tanveer.

The conclusion from Sulagti Rahain:

The main lesson of the story is never to get jealous of anyone; it does not make anyone’s life difficult except the jealous one. We should never forget our creator to whom we have to return. We should always be satisfied with his division. Whatever He has given to anyone, be he has given us something more precious than them.

View Sulagti Rahain Complete Novel:

Read and Explore the journey of love, friendship, jealousy, and fun in the same novel. Share it with your family and friends.

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