Rasm Novel By Nabeela Aziz

Rasm Novel By Nabeela Aziz

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Introduction to Rasm Novel:

Rasm Novel, written by Nabeela Aziz, is a short novel that highlights our society’s dark side. Rasm English means “ceremony,” so the story highlights a ceremony where a woman marries a man for just one night.

Nabeela Aziz has written the novel beautifully and highlighted a conflict amazingly.

About The Author Nabeela Aziz:

Nabeela Aziz is the writer of the story Rasm, which is based on a fake ceremony.

Nabeela Aziz is a famous writer who has written many favorite novels in her career and gained popularity. Nabeela highlights social issues, whereas she also has written romantic books.

Nabeela Aziz’s famous novels include Dar E Dil, Panah, Raqs E Bismil, and Hisab E Dil Rehne Do.

Summary and Review of Rasm Novel:

Rasm is a short novel written by famous Urdu novelist Nabeela Aziz. The story’s central theme highlights our blind following to anything, whether it’s a person, ritual, or something else.

The main characters of the novel are Sheher Bano and Haroon.

Sheher Bano is the female protagonist who belongs to a noble family. She is a shy girl who never speaks even for her fundamental rights and follows every order of her elders. In contrast, Haroon is a boy who never tolerates injustice and always stands against injustice.

Haroon’s family pressurizes him to marry Sheher Bano for one night as a ceremony. After that, Haroon will have no right to Sheher Bano, and she will be separated from the world and busy herself with worshipping. She will have no relation with his family and husband.

Haroon does not agree to this ceremony, but his family pressurizes him to agree. Haroon discusses the matter with his uncle(who is Haroon’s best friend)

and finally agreed to marry Sheher Bano.

At last Haroon married to Sheher Bano.After their marriage, the story takes an exciting turn. 

Both families become enemies, and Sheher Bano wants to go back to her family. Haroon was trying to eliminate this insane ritual, but Shehr Bani didn’t want that.

In the story, the novel describes the blind following. Nabeela has given a glimpse of our society’s rituals and the blind following of people to these rituals.

I like the theme of the story, especially what Haroon does. I enjoyed it, although it was funny, and Sheher Bano was seriously insane.

To know the whole story and ending, you must read Rasm complete novel by Nabeela Aziz.

The conclusion from Rasm Novel:

The main lesson from the novel is that we should use our minds and don’t need to follow any Rasm. If we believe in God, we shouldn’t go to this kind of fake people who use our beliefs and try to control our actions.

View Rasm Complete Novel:

View Rasm Novel By Nabeela Aziz for an Enchanting Reading Experience and get lost in the pages.

Read Rasm novel and share it with your family and friends.

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