Qartas Novel By Uzma Mujahid

Qartas Novel by Uzma Mujahid Complete PDF

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Introduction to Qartas Novel:

Qartas, written by Uzma Mujahid, is a romantic novel highlighting our social issues. Qartas’ English meaning is “paper.”Qartas is a story based on wani(a ritual in which two opposite tribes give their women as servants to save their men who murdered someone from the opposing tribe ).

About the Author of Qartas:

Uzma Mujahid is the writer of the story Qartas, a romantic tale. She is an emerging story writer who has written many famous romantic novels. Uzma has a unique writing style that keeps you engaged with the characters throughout the story.

Uzma Mujahid’s famous novels include Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise and Ishq Bara Harjai Hai.

Qartas Novel Summary and Review:

Qartas is a story of two tribes who are enemies and follow the ritual of Wani. 

The story’s main characters are Hatib Khan and Zahlay, who belong to these tribes. Zahlay is a girl given to Hatib’s family in return for the Murder of Hatib’s elder brother. Zahlay had lived a difficult life and was married to Hatib Khan in childhood, who was already married to Zartaj Gul.

Zartaj Gul is Hatib Khan’s first wife and belongs to a well-known family. She is not ready to accept zahlay as the second wife of Hatib.

Hatib’s elders were lovely, so they took care of Zahlay.

When Zahley became young, Hatib fell in love with her and accepted her as his wife.

He observes zahlay, and that’s what makes him happy.

Some other main characters in the story are Pareesha, Khuraim, and Mory Jaan(Hatib’s mother). 

Khuraim is Zahlay’s brother and wants to take revenge on Hatib’s family for all the injustice they did to Zahlay.

Will Zahlay forget all the pain and accept Hatib as a husband? What would be the reaction of Hatib’s first wife? 

Overall, the novel was good, but as I always say, we shouldn’t write abusive scenes in novels, especially when we are writing about two lovers. If we love someone, we should respect them in every situation. The second and last thing is that we shouldn’t follow the unjust rituals of the past. We should try to stand against them.

I have given my opinion. You may have a different view.

I will not spoil the suspense of the novel. To know more about the story and ending, you must read the whole story of Qartas.

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