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Introduction of Parizaad Novel :

Parizaad is a social-romantic novel by Hashim Nadeem, a well-known Urdu writer. Parizaad means “beautiful.” It is a short novel that was published in 2014 and gained popularity.

Author of Parizaad:

Parizaad is written by the famous Urdu novelist Hashim Nadeem. It is a masterpiece of him. Hashim is a famous poet, novelist, and screenwriter. Hashim Nadeem gained popularity through its different ideas and themes. He had written on various topics. His most famous novels and dramas are Khuda aur Muhabbat, Ishq Zahenaseeb, and Abdullah.

Summary and Review of Parizaad:

Parizaad novel’s primary theme is describing the story of a middle-class man with a pure heart, his sufferings, hardships, different feelings, and much more. 

It Is the journey of a common and the most unlucky man who never felt the warmth of love. He lost his parents in early childhood. Parizaad has a sister and two brothers. He is a university student interested in poetry and writes with a broken heart. Parizaad is ugly and mocked about his name and personality. He is the most shy and humble man. He is searching for true love and care from everyone. 

Parizaad has two brothers and one sister. His sister cares for and loves him dearly, but his brothers and sister-in-law never give him importance. Parizad is a nobleman who likes poetry.

He has a talent for writing his words in poetic form. His words cast spells on others, whereas he doesn’t know about his talent.

Parizad faces many different situations due to his poverty and due to his appearance. People laugh at him because of his physical appearance whenever they hear his name. It hurts parizaad so much.

Many supportive characters make Parizaad an exciting novel. So many exciting incidents happened, and Parizaad became famous and wealthy. 

Many behaviors changed and even started giving importance to Parizaad. Will Parizad find true love in his life? Does Parizaad live happily with his selfish siblings? Will anyone be able to love and respect Parizad and identify his true identity? 

Overall, Parizaad novel is gripping, and the most exciting thing is how the writer describes the difficulties of a man who is not good-looking enough to fulfil the standards of our society and how people ignore all the good things in a person just because of his appearance.

The conclusion from Parizaad:

The main conclusion drawn from the novel is that we should give importance to ourselves and never see ourselves with others’ glasses. We should love ourselves so that we should be able to love others. 

No one is lower than another based on colour, cast, and personality. We should judge anyone on physical appearance.

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