Noor Ul Quloob

Noor Ul Quloob Novel by Tanzeela Riaz

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Noor Ul Quloob Intro:

Noor Ul Quloob, written by Tanzeel Riaz, is the story of a spiritual change. It is the journey of a soul from Ishq E Majazi to Ishq E Haqeeqi.

Tanzeela Riaz Author of Noor Ul Quloob:

Tanzeela Riaz is the writer of Noor Ul Qaloob, a famous story writer who has written many novels. Tanzeela Riaz’s writing style is unique and trendy. Her books cast a spell on the reader and engage them with the characters till the end. 

Tanzeela Riaz’s famous novels include Marg E Barg, Zeest Paheli, and many more.

Summary and Review Of Noor Ul Quloob: 

Noor Ul Quloob is a spiritual novel that shows the journey of a spirit from Ishq E Majazi to Ishq E Haqeeqi. 

The story revolves around a girl named Meher and a boy named Dawood. 

Dawood is a boy who belongs to a broken family. His mother is a working woman and always tries to control everything in Dawood’s life. He cannot make friends or talk to anyone without her mother’s permission. 

Dawood is timid and constantly burdens herself with the favors of her mother because her mother always makes him realize that she has made many sacrifices for him. 

Whereas Mehr is a girl who is bold, confident, and has the quality to make a place for herself everywhere. 

She became friends with Dawood and tried to change him. Dawood’s mother doesn’t like Mehr because she always urges him to go against his mother’s will and make his own choices. 

After that, Dawood and Mehr get married, and Dawood leaves her mother and goes abroad with Mehr. 

Many strange things happened and changed me. The change in Mehr affected Dawood’s life, but he still loves him and always stands for her. 

Dawood and Mehr gave birth to a daughter, and then Mehr got sick and changed her life according to Islam. Will Mehr and Dawood stay together until the end? Will Mehr be able to shift Dawood? 

I wouldn’t say I like the ending of the novel, especially the ending of Mehr, because I think Mehr was rude and unjust to Dawood at some point, but that’s my belief. Read this novel and share your opinion.

The conclusion from Noor Ul Quloob:

The main conclusion we draw from the novel is that if we follow our religion, we should be flexible and understanding because to convince others, we should be in their shoes. We should follow the guidance of our Prophet in this regard and be nice and calm. 

We should never be proud of our good deeds and always be humble to others.

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